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Psychoanalysis, Philosophy...

Studies in the Psychosocial (Series)

Angie Voela Author

Actors, Institutions, and the...

Gender and Politics (Series)

Petra Ahrens Author

The Influence of Business...

Robert A. Crane Editor

China's Challenge to Liberal...

Catherine Jones Author

Civil Society and Mirror...

Governance and Limited Statehood (Series)

Jasmin Lorch Author

Complexity and Resilience in...

Eoin Flaherty Author

The Palgrave Handbook of...

Ivano Cardinale Editor
Roberto Scazzieri Editor

Art, Trade, and Cultural...

Raquel A. G. Reyes Editor

Radical Revival as Adaptation

Adaptation in Theatre and Performance (Series)

Jozefina Komporaly Author

The Origins of the Arts...

New Directions in Cultural Policy Research (Series)

Anna Rosser Upchurch Author

A Postcolonial Critique of...

Marouf Hasian, Jr. Author

A Social Epistemology of...

New Directions in the Philosophy of Science (Series)

Susann Wagenknecht Author

Modern Credit Risk Management

Panayiota Koulafetis Author

Phronesis and Quiddity in...

The Nonaka on Knowledge and Innovation (Series)

K. Kase Author
I. Nonaka Author

Political Ontology and...

International Political Theory (Series)

Vassilios Paipais Author

Public Spheres and Mediated...

Palgrave Global Media Policy and Business (Series)

Petros Iosifidis Author
Mark Wheeler Author

More-than-Human Sociology

O. Pyyhtinen Author

The Palgrave Handbook of...

Palgrave Handbooks of Literature and Science (Series)

Howard Marchitello Editor
Evelyn Tribble Editor

Gendered Success in Higher...

Kate White Editor
Pat O'Connor Editor

Contemporary Approaches to...

Adaptation in Theatre and Performance (Series)

Kara Reilly Editor

Modern Vintage Homes &...

Leisure Studies in a Global Era (Series)

Samantha Holland Author

Performance Studies and...

Performance Philosophy (Series)

Claire Maria Chambers Author

Terrorism and the State

Rethinking Political Violence (Series)

Kieran Mcconaghy Author

Mega-Events and Mega-Ambitions

Mega Event Planning (Series)

Yu-min Joo Author
Yooil Bae Author

Dada and Existentialism

Elizabeth Benjamin Author

Imperial History and the...

Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies (Series)

Amanda Behm Author

New York City and the...

Screening Spaces (Series)

Martha Shearer Author

The British Coalition...

Peter Dorey Author
Mark Garnett Author

Family Life in an Age of...

Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship (Series)

Majella Kilkey Editor
Ewa Palenga-möllenbeck Editor

Behind the Wireless

Kate Murphy Author

Global Perspectives and Key...

V. Sundaram Editor
H. Sauntson Editor

Micro-blogging Memories

Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies (Series)

Eileen Le Han Author

Migrant Domestic Workers and...

Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship (Series)

Maria Kontos Editor
Glenda Tibe Bonifacio Editor

Selves, Bodies and the...

Postdisciplinary Studies in Discourse (Series)

Jodie Clark Author

Creativity and Education

Creativity, Education and the Arts (Series)

Anne Harris Author

Multinationals in Latin America

AIB Latin America (Series)

L. Liberman Editor
S. Garcilazo Editor

Ethno Identity Dance for Sex,...

Anthony Shay Author

Gay Men's Working Lives,...

Genders and Sexualities in the Social Sciences (Series)

Peter Robinson Author

Re-Making Kozarac

Palgrave Studies in Compromise after Conflict (Series)

Sebina Sivac-bryant Author

In Search of the Two-Handed...

Palgrave Studies in the History of Economic Thought (Series)

Craig Freedman Author


K. Mendes Author

Hybrid Heritage on Screen

E. Oliete-aldea Author

Talent Management in Emerging...

Marina Latukha Author

Media and Print Culture...

New Directions in Book History (Series)

Paul Raphael Rooney Editor
Anna Gasperini Editor

Intermedial Praxis and...

Joanne Scott Author

Lasting Screen Stars

Lucy Bolton Editor
Julie Lobalzo Wright Editor