Alternatives in Semantics

Palgrave Studies in Pragmatics, Language and Cognition (Series)

A. Falaus Editor
Kenneth A. Loparo Editor

Young People in Transition

C. Pole Editor
J. Pilcher Editor

World Society and the Middle...

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies (Series)

S. Stetter Author

World Cinema's 'Dialogues'...

P. Cooke Editor

Working-Class Lesbian Life

Women's Studies at York Series

Yvette Taylor Author

Wordsworth and...

P. Simonsen Author

Wonder Woman

I. Ellwood Author
S. Shekar Author

Women Writers and the Dark...

T. Olverson Author

Women Writers and Familial...

Early Modern Literature in History (Series)

M. Wynne-Davies Author

Women and Material Culture,...

J. Batchelor Editor
C. Kaplan Editor

Wind Power in Europe

Energy, Climate and the Environment (Series)

J. Szarka Author

Why Music Moves Us

J. Bicknell Author


J. Haworth Editor
G. Hart Editor

Welfare States and the Future

B. Vivekanandan Editor
N. Kurian Editor

Welfare State Transformations

M. Seeleib-Kaiser Editor

War and Peace in Modern India

S. Raghavan Author

Vulnerability to Poverty

M. Grimm Editor
H. Waibel Editor

Volunteering and Society in...

C. Rochester Author
A. Ellis Paine Author

Voices in Ruins

A. Badenoch Author

Writing London, Volume 3

J. Wolfreys Author

Writing Diaspora in the West

P. McCarthy Author

Workplace Reform in the...

P. Stanton Editor
E. Willis Editor

Workplace Envy

B. Vidaillet Author

Work-Life Balance in the 21st...

Future of Work (Series)

D. Houston Editor

Working in Language and Law

H. Kniffka Author

Women on the Edge

S. Tay Author

Women Leading

S. Hayward Author

Women in Irish Drama

Performance Interventions (Series)

M. Sihra Editor

Women and Nationalism in the...

St Antony's (Series)

Demetra Tzanaki Author

Wittgenstein, Concept...

H. A. Knott Author

William Wordsworth

Interviews and Recollections (Series)

H. Orel Editor

William Blake

Literary Lives (Series)

J. Beer Author

What Women Want From Work

Women's Studies at York Series

R. Woodfield Author

West Germans Against the West

Palgrave Studies in the History of the Media (Series)

C. Müller Author


P. Gatrell Editor
N. Baron Editor

War and the Transformation of...

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies (Series)

V. Jabri Author

Wallace Stevens across the...

B. Eeckhout Editor
E. Ragg Editor

Voluntary Action and Illegal...

Science, Technology and Medicine in Modern History (Series)

A. Mold Author
V. Berridge Author

Worlding Dance

Studies in International Performance (Series)

S. Foster Editor

Workplace Vagabonds

C. Garsten Author

Word vs Image

E. Spolsky Author

Word Frequency and Lexical...

Palgrave Studies in Language History and Language Change (Series)

B. Phillips Author

Women's Rights and Religious...

Women's Studies at York Series

A. Boden Author

Women's Bodies and Medical...

Science, Technology and Medicine in Modern History (Series)

L. Bryder Author

Women Poets and Urban...

Palgrave Studies in Nineteenth-Century Writing and Culture (Series)

A. Vadillo Author

Wittgenstein After His Nachlass

History of Analytic Philosophy (Series)

Nuno Venturinha Author
Michael Beaney Author

Witchcraft and Masculinities...

Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic (Series)

A. Rowlands Editor

Wine Brands

E. Resnick Author