Advanced English Vocabulary

ebook Learn English Words · Advanced English Words and Meanings

By Mohit Joshi

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THIS BOOK CONTAINS MEANINGS OF MORE THAN 1400 ADVANCED ENGLISH WORDS (including phrasal verbs and idioms).English Words And Meanings, Advance English Words And Their Meanings, Learn English Words For Improving Your English, English Words And Meanings From Letter A To Letter ZSample This:("sb" implies somebody, "sth" implies something)abase yourself to accept sb's power over youknuckle under to sb/sth to accept sb/sth else's authoritysubmissive too willing to accept sb else's authoritysubservient to sth submissive, less important than sth elseabashed ashamed and embarrassedbashful shy and easily embarrassedput sb on the spot to make sb feel embarrassed by asking difficult questionabout turn / volte face complete change of opinion, etc.turn about sudden and complete change in sthabstemious not allowing yourself to have much food or alcohol or enjoyable activitiesaustere without any decorations; (of a person) strict and serious; abstemiousad-lib to give a speech or a performance without preparation or practiceimprovise to make or do sth using whatever is available, to ad-libabuse unfair or cruel treatment of sb/sthoppress to treat sb cruelly, to weigh downpersecute to treat sb cruellyacclaim to praise sb publicly, praise and approvalcommendation / plaudits praise and approvalaccolade praise or award of honourlaurels honour and praise given to sb because of sth they have achievedacrid bitter smell or tasteacrimony bitter feelings or wordsadolescent young person who is developing from a child into an adultteens years of a person's life when they are between 13 and 19 years oldaffected pretendeddisaffected unsatisfiedaffront to insult or offend sbtake umbrage at sth to feel offended or upset by sthaft in the stern of the ship or aircraftabaft in the stern of a shipstern the back end of a boat or shipagglomeration group of things put together in no particular orderconglomeration mixture of different things found all togethera la carte food which is selected from the list of dishes and pricestable d' hot plate of food with fixed priceagnosia inability to recognize people and thingsanalgesia loss of the ability to feel pain while still consciousapoplexy inability to feel, move because of injury in the brainasphyxia difficulty in breathing which may cause death or unconsciousnessdyslexia difficulty in reading and spelling but no effect in intelligenceagoraphobia fear of being in the crowdclaustrophobia fear of being in a small confined placealimony money, which is given to former husband or wife after the end of the marriagepalimony money which is given to former partner after the end of a relationshipaltercation noisy argument or disagreementargy-bargy noisy disagreementalumna former woman studentalumnus former male studentamble / saunter / stroll to walk in a slow relaxed wayramble to walk for pleasure
Advanced English Vocabulary