The Suffragettes

Penguin Little Black Classics (Series)


20 Vital Keys to Successfully...

Louise Allen Author
Jane Butt Author

20 Steps to Successfully...

Louise Allen Author
Jane Butt Author


Petrina Brown Author

The Hardness Factor

Steven Lamm Author
Gerald Secor Couzens Author

He's Just Not Up for It Anymore

Bob Berkowitz Author
Susan Yager-Berkowitz Author


Caryl Phillips Author

The Ultimate Guide to 21st...

Carol Dix Author

The Other Side of Desire

Daniel Bergner Author


Angie Bowie Author

Things I've Been Silent About

Azar Nafisi Author

The Fire Next Time

Penguin Classics (Series)

James Baldwin Author

The Naked Woman

Desmond Morris Author

A Dictionary of Female...

Margaret Ward Author

The Transgender Child

Stephanie Brill Author
Rachel Pepper Author

La importancia de ser mujer

Miguel Ángel Cornejo Author

The Light In the Window

June Goulding Author

The Subjection of Women

John Stuart Mill Author
Harriet Taylor Mill Author

The Man-Made World

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Author

LGBT Rights

World Study (Series)

Remedios Whitten Author

The Couple's Comfort Book

Jennifer Louden Author

A Brief History of Misogyny

Jack Holland Author

Marriage and Love

Emma Goldman Author


Albert Payson Terhune Author

Poder de Mujer

Dr. Laura Schlessinger Author

Beyond Black

Ellis Cashmore Author

The Trials of Laura Fair

Carole Haber Author
Pam Ward Narrator

Great War Fashion

Lucy Adlington Author

A Young Girl's Diary

Sigmund Freud Contributor
Eden Paul Translator

Leftover Women

Asian Arguments (Series)

Leta Hong Fincher Author

Bad Feminist

Roxane Gay Author

10 Secrets of Extraordinary...

Julie Clinton Author
Mary Byers Author

Never Kiss a Frog

Marilyn Anderson Author

The Beauty Myth (Vintage...

Vintage Feminism Short Editions (Series)

Naomi Wolf Author


Michele Grossman Author

Queer. La guía LGBT para...

Beige,Kathy Biesche,Marke& Author

Bi Any Other Name

Lani Ka’ahumanu Author
Loriaine Hutchins Author

The Hidden Face of Eve

Nawal El Saadawi Author
Doctor Ronak Husni Author of introduction, etc.

The Transgender Child

Stephanie A. Brill Author
Coleen Marlo Narrator

Attack of the 50 Ft. Women

Catherine Mayer Author
Tanya Moodie Narrator


June Sarpong Author

Afrodita desenmascarada

María Blanco González Author


James K. Galbraith Author
Iván Barbeitos Translator

Un vaquero cruza la frontera...

Diego Enrique Osorno Author

Joining the Dots

Juliet Gardiner Author
Eve Karpf Narrator

A Macat Analysis of The...

The Macat Library (Series)

Betty Friedan Author
Elizabeth Whitaker Author