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Breaking Out of the Games...

Matthew M. White Author

Image and Video Compression...

Image Processing (Series)

Yun-qing Shi Author
Huifang Sun Author

3ds Max Basics for Modeling...

William Culbertson Author

Holistic Game Development...

Penny de Byl Author

Automata and Computability

Ganesh Gopalakrishnan Author

Surgery for Ovarian Cancer

Robert E. Bristow Editor
Beth Y. Karlan Editor

Vintage Games 2.0

Matt Barton Author

The Goddard Guide to...

Gail Miriam Moraru Author
Jerome Goddard II Author

Digital Quality Management in...

Paul Marsden Author

AI for Games

Ian Millington Author

The Complete Guide to Blender...

John M. Blain Author

Procedural Storytelling in...

Tanya X. Short Editor
Tarn Adams Editor

Manual of Definitive Surgical...

Kenneth David Boffard Editor

Quantitative Understanding of...

Foundations of Biochemistry and Biophysics (Series)

Thomas M. Nordlund Author
Peter M. Hoffmann Author