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21st Century Dead

Christopher Golden Author of introduction, etc.
Christopher Golden Editor

Operation Arcana

John Joseph Adams Editor
John Joseph Adams Author

The Patchwork Girl of Oz

Oz (Series)

Book 7

L. Frank Baum Author
Various Narrators Narrator

The Five Daughters of the Moon

Waning Moon Duology (Series)

Book 1

Leena Likitalo Author
Erin Spencer Narrator

True Heroes

Jonathan Diaz Editor
Shannon Hale Contributor

Fables and Fantasies

Maps in a Mirror (Series)

Book 3

Orson Scott Card Author
Emily Janice Card Narrator


Greg Bear Contributor
Gardner Dozois Editor

The Long List Anthology

David Steffen Editor
David Steffen Author

The Sisters of the Crescent...

Waning Moon Duology (Series)

Book 2

Leena Likitalo Author
Various Narrators Narrator

The Emerald Circus

Jane Yolen Author
Holly Black Author of introduction, etc.

Once Upon a Mouse

J. A. Zarifian Author
Amy Ball Narrator

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice (Series)

Book 1

Lewis Carroll Author
David Thorn Narrator


Zachary Mason Author
Bronson Pinchot Narrator