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Continuity and Change in...

Louis Putterman Author

Mastering Catastrophic Risk

Howard Kunreuther Author
Michael Useem Author

A Stitch in Time

Frederick H. Abernathy Author
John T. Dunlop Author

The Pledge

Stuart Rutherford Author

The Oxford Handbook of the...

Inderjit Kaur Editor
Nirvikar Singh Editor

Who's Afraid of the WTO?

Kent Jones Author

The Art of Chinese Management

Kai-Alexander Schlevogt Author

Religion and the Marketplace...

Jan Stievermann Editor
Philip Goff Editor

A Nation Transformed by...

Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. Editor
James W. Cortada Editor

The Powers to Lead

Joseph Nye Jr. Author

The Economics of Financial...

Hendrik S. Houthakker Author
Peter J. Williamson Author

The Man Behind the Microchip

Leslie Berlin Author

The Road Ahead for America's...

Robert B. Archibald Author
David H. Feldman Author


Ashoka Mody Author

The Unbounded Mind

Ian I. Mitroff Author
Harold A. Linstone Author


What Everyone Needs to Know (Series)

James K. Galbraith Author

Becoming Hewlett Packard

Robert A. Burgelman Author
Webb McKinney Author

Agricultural and Food...

What Everyone Needs to Know (Series)

F. Bailey Norwood Author
Pascal A. Oltenacu Author

Corporation on a Tightrope

John G. Sifonis Author
Beverly Goldberg Author

Falling Short

Charles D. Ellis Author
Alicia H. Munnell Author

Do You Make These Mistakes in...

Edwin L Battistella Author

The Heuristics Debate

Mark Kelman Author

The Oxford Handbook of Panel...

Badi H. Baltagi Author

The Icon Project

Leslie Sklair Author

Surviving Transformation

Vincent P. Barabba Author

Socio-Economic Environment...

Ay,se K. Üskül Editor
Shigehiro Oishi Editor

Swarm Creativity

Peter A. Gloor Author

The New Ruthless Economy

Simon Head Author

Building Trust

Robert C. Solomon Author
Fernando Flores Author

At the Edge of Camelot

Donald W. Katzner Author

Dictators, Democrats, and...

Michael T. Rock Author

Econophysics and Financial...

Franck Jovanovic Author
Christophe Schinckus Author

Hybrid Factory

Tetsuo Abo Editor

Genes for Sale

Joseph Henry Vogel Author

Capitalists in Spite of...

Richard Lachmann Author

China and Cybersecurity

Jon R. Lindsay Editor
Tai Ming Cheung Editor

Managers as Employees

Myron J. Roomkin Editor

Handbook of Culture and...

Angela K.-y. Leung Editor
Letty Kwan Editor

Icarus in the Boardroom

Law and Current Events Masters (Series)

David Skeel Author

The Oxford Handbook of...

Edited by Louis P. Cain Author
Edited by Price V. Fishback Author

Real Options in Theory and...

Financial Management Association Survey and Synthesis (Series)

Graeme Guthrie Author

Realistic Decision Theory

Paul Weirich Author

What's Good for Business

Kim Phillips-Fein Editor
Julian E. Zelizer Editor

The Economics of American Art

Robert B. Ekelund Jr. Author
John D. Jackson Author

The Firm Divided

Graeme Guthrie Author

The Inquiring Organization

Chun Wei Choo PhD Author