At Night He Remembers

James Cunneen Author

The Inescapable Love of God

Thomas Talbott Author
George W. Sarris Narrator

In the Eye of the Storm

Mitri Raheb Editor

La Roma de Pedro y Pablo

Brian Schmisek Author
Gabriel Hernandez Translator

Little Big Moments

Andrew Taylor-Troutman Author

Maine Metaphor

S. Dorman Author


Susan Thistlethwaite Author

Not So with You

Mark Stirling Editor
Mark Meynell Editor

Pastor Served Al Dente

Edgar Stubbersfield Author
Fred Kornis Author of introduction, etc.

Pearls of Jewish Wisdom on...

Shmuly Yanklowitz Author

Redeemed from the Curse

Hyun-Gwang Kim Author

Redeeming Jesus' Name

Maureena Fritz Author
Paul F. Knitter Author of introduction, etc.


Ahmed Elbeshlawy Author
Paola Caronni Author of introduction, etc.

Serpent Crusher

Jeff Voth Author

St. Patrick and the Helicopter

William Loader Author

The Divine Messenger

Matthew Bryce Ervin Author
Joel Richardson Author of introduction, etc.

The Problem of Evil in the...

Mark Edwards Author

The Triumphs of His Grace

David L. McKenna Author

Theology and Prayer

Gary Eaborn Author


Nathaniel A. Schmidt Author

Treasure in the Wilderness

Andrew D. Mayes Author

What Can You Do with Your...

Brandon C. Benziger Editor
Adam W. Day Editor

What I Remember of the Little...

Erin Grimm Author
Gwen Benedict Author of introduction, etc.

What Were the Early Rabbis?

Westar Studies (Series)

Jack N. Lightstone Author

A Church Girl's Recovery

Miranda Martinez-Herbert Author

A Kingdom Bestowed

Mark Belz Author
Jackie Robertson Author of introduction, etc.

Christian Foundations for Law...

Gregory J. Glaser Author

Do Black Lives Matter?

Lisa M. Bowens Editor
Dennis R. Edwards Editor

Evangelina, Warrior Angel

Evangelina, Warrior Angel (Series)

Russell Marrone Author

Finding Love and Life

David H. Rosen Author
James Miller Jr. Author of introduction, etc.

Human Software

Jacob Stephens Author
Marquetta Jackson Illustrator

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

John T. Willis Author
Timothy M. Willis Author of introduction, etc.

Malachi's Use of Joel's Day...

Petronio M. Genebago Author
Teofilo Correa Author of introduction, etc.

My Indulgent Interior...

Janis Constable Author

New-Found Land

Raymond H. Haan Author

Once Again

Viera Masih Gossai Author

Our Exodus Story

Robert P. Vande Kappelle Author

Reckless Pilgrims

Thomas Sabel Author

Salvific Intentionality in 1...

Scott Goode Author

Sir David and the Green Card

David Davies Author

Spirituality for the Solitary

Mark G. Boyer Author

Tell Somebody

Harold J. Recinos Author

The Art of the Roman Catacombs

Gregory S. Athnos Author

The Beginning of Paul's Gospel

Contours of Pauline Theology (Series)

Nijay K. Gupta Editor
John K. Goodrich Editor

The Messiah of Shangri-La

Randy Rosenthal Author

The Priest and Levite as...

Michael Blythe Author

The Serendipity of Hope

Simon Lee Editor
Ian S. Markham Editor

There Is a Way

C. Dennis Kaufman Author
Bob Russell Author of introduction, etc.


Leonard Grob Author
John K. Roth Author

We Believe in the Holy Spirit

Henco van der Westhuizen Editor
Graham Ward Author of introduction, etc.