Writing Alberta

The West (Series)

George Melnyk Editor
Donna Coates Editor

Throwing the Diamond Hitch

Emily Ursuliak Author

Animal Metropolis

Joanna Dean Editor
Darcy Ingram Editor

Innovation and...

P.W.B. Phillips Contributor
James J. Chrisman Editor

Looking Reality in the Eye

Robert R. Janes Contributor
Robert R. Janes Editor

Mind Technologies

Raymond Siemens Editor
David Moorman Editor

The Clever Body

Gabor Csepregi Author

The Madwoman in the Academy

Deborah Schnitzer Editor
Deborah Keahey Editor

Surviving in the Hour of...

Byllye Y. Avery Contributor
G. Sophie Harding Editor

The Spirit of Hidalgo

Latin American and Caribbean Studies (Series)

Suzanne B. Pasztor Author

Understanding New Media

Kim H. Veltman Author

Doing Things the Right Way

Joan Ryan Author

With Heart and Soul

Legacies Shared (Series)

Antonella Fanella Author

Health Care

Anne Crichton Author
Ann Robertson Author

How Skeptics Do Ethics

Aubrey Neal Author

Jemmy Jock Bird

John C. Jackson Author

Faculty of Nursing on the Move

Geertje Boschma Author

Crossing Over

Edna Einsiedel Contributor
Edna Einsiedel Editor


Parks and Heritage (Series)

Allan Ingelson Author
Mike Mahoney Author


Legacies Shared (Series)

Carrol Jaques Author

NAFTA in Transition

Stephen Randall Contributor
Stephen J. Randall Editor

Trade Negotiations in...

Turning Points (Series)

Jane H. Kelley Contributor
William Kerr Editor

Reading the Entrails

Norman Charles Conrad Author

The Honourable Member for...

Legacies Shared (Series)

Oleh W. Gerus Translator
Denis Hlynka Translator

Long Night of the Tankers

Beyond Boundaries: Canadian Defence and Strategic Studies (Series)

David J. Bercuson Author
Holger H. Herwig Author

Mining and Communities in...

Canadian History and Environment (Series)

Arn Keeling Editor
John Sandlos Editor

L'Alberta Autophage

Energy, Ecology and the Environment (Series)

Dominique Perron Author

Fishing for a Solution

Beyond Boundaries: Canadian Defence and Strategic Studies (Series)

Donald Barry Author
Bob Applebaum Author

Eugene A. Forsey

Frank Milligan Author

Wilderness and Waterpower

Energy, Ecology and the Environment (Series)

Christopher Armstrong Author
H. V. Nelles Author

Social Work in Africa

Africa: Missing Voices (Series)

Linda Kreitzer Author

Roughnecks, Rock Bits, and Rigs

Sandy Gow Author

Permeable Border

John J. Bukowczyk Author
Nora Faires Author

Calgary's Grand Story

Donald B. Smith Author

Clerical Ideology in a...

Latin American and Caribbean (Series)

Brian F. Connaughton Author
Mark A. Healey Translator


Wendy Schissel Editor

The Amphibians and Reptiles...

A. P. Russell Author
Aaron M. Bauer Author

Space and Spatial Analysis in...

Elizabeth C. Robertson Editor
Jeffrey D. Seibert Editor

Voices from the Digital...

Sandra Abegglen Editor
Fabian Neuhaus Editor

The True Face of Sir Isaac Brock

Guy St-Denis Author

An Orchid Astronomy

Tasnuva Hayden Author

Pugg's Portmanteau

Brave & Brilliant (Series)

DM Bryan Author

Treasuring the Tradition

Jeff Keshen Author
David Bercuson Author


Reg Crowshoe Author
Sybille Manneschmidt Author

A Kid Called Chatter

Chris Kelly Author


David Bateman Author

Disappearing in Reverse

Allie McFarland Author

The American Western in...

The West (Series)

Joel Deshaye Author