Singapore's Foreign Policy

Politics in Asia (Series)

Michael Leifer Author

Monarchy in South East Asia

Politics in Asia (Series)

Roger Kershaw Author

Body Image

Sarah Grogan Author

Fathers and Daughters

Male Orders (Series)

Sue Sharpe Author

Key Issues for Primary Schools

Michael Farrell Author
Professor Colin Richards Author of introduction, etc.

The Holocaust

Rewriting Histories (Series)

Omer Bartov Editor

Action Research in Organisations

Routledge Studies in Human Resource Development (Series)

Jean McNiff Author
Jack Whitehead Author

Ancient Greek Agriculture

Signe Isager Author
Jens Erik Skydsgaard Author

Complexity and Management

Complexity and Emergence in Organizations (Series)

Ralph D. Stacey Author
Douglas Griffin Author

Economic Growth and...

Paul Ekins Author

Ottoman Warfare, 1500-1700

Warfare and History (Series)

Rhoads Murphey Author

Student Writing

Literacies (Series)

Theresa M. Lillis Author

Eastern Philosophy

Routledge Key Guides (Series)

Oliver Leaman Author

The Routledge History of...

Ronald Carter Author
John McRae Author


Language Workbooks (Series)

Laurie Bauer Author

A-Z of Modern America

Alicia Duchak Author

Employee Ownership,...

Routledge Research in Employment Relations (Series)

Andrew Pendleton Author

English Lyric Poetry

Jonathan Post Author

How to Get an MBA

Morgen Witzel Author

Personality at Work

Adrian Furnham Author
H. J. Eysenck Author of introduction, etc.

101 Philosophy Problems

Martin Cohen Author

Work, Change and Competition

David Preece Author
Gordon Steven Author

Analysing Architecture

Simon Unwin Author

Basic Cantonese

Grammar Workbooks (Series)

Virginia Yip Author
Stephen Matthews Author

Economics for the Common Good

Advances in Social Economics (Series)

Mark A. Lutz Author

English Grammar

Language Workbooks (Series)

Richard Hudson Author


Essential Grammars (Series)

Gerald Nelson Author

Game Theory

Shaun P. Hargreaves-Heap Author
Yanis Varoufakis Author

How We Write

Mike Sharples Author

The Paper Canoe

Eugenio Barba Author
Richard Fowler Translator

Academic Writing

Routledge Study Guides (Series)

Stephen Bailey Author

History of Western Philosophy

Routledge Classics (Series)

Bertrand Russell Author

In Praise of Idleness

Routledge Classics (Series)

Bertrand Russell Author

The Language of Comics

Intertext (Series)

Mario Saraceni Author

Loving Big Brother

John McGrath Author

Managing Human Resources in...

Global HRM (Series)

Pawan S. Budhwar Editor

Managing the Risk of...

Sharon Clarke Author
Cary Cooper Author

Manchester United

David L. Andrews Editor


Routledge Historical Biographies (Series)

Benjamin Zachariah Author

The Research Project

Routledge Study Guides (Series)

Ralph Berry Author

The Second World War

Bradley Lightbody Author

Sport and National Identity...

Dilwyn Porter Editor
Adrian Smith Editor

Youth Soccer

Gareth Stratton Author
Thomas Reilly Author