A Guidebook for Today's Asian...

Bruce Voncannon Author

China's Population Aging and...

Research on the Chinese Dream and China's Development Path (Series)

Xueyuan Tian Editor

Advances in Theory and...

Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies (Series)

Lakhmi C. Jain Editor
Margarita N. Favorskaya Editor

Constructing Singapore Public...

Advances in 21st Century Human Settlements (Series)

Limin Hee Author

Container Port Production and...

Bo Lu Author
Shouyang Wang Author

Optimization and Dynamics...

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Computational Approaches in...

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Martin Constable Author

Structural Health Monitoring...

Yang Deng Author
Aiqun Li Author

Divided Tokyo

International Perspectives in Geography (Series)

Tomoko Kubo Author

Microbial Interventions in...

Dhananjaya Pratap Singh Editor
Vijai Kumar Gupta Editor

Sensory Biology of Plants

Sudhir Sopory Editor

Public Financial Management...

Accounting, Finance, Sustainability, Governance & Fraud: Theory and Application (Series)

Book 2

Tekin Akdemir Editor
Halis Kıral Editor

Acoustic Levitation

Duyang Zang Editor

Pineapple Leaf Fibers

Green Energy and Technology (Series)

Mohammad Jawaid Editor
Mohammad Asim Editor

Compressed Sensing Magnetic...

Springer on Bio- and Neurosystems (Series)

Bhabesh Deka Author
Sumit Datta Author

Ageing and Digital Technology

Barbara Barbosa Neves Editor
Frank Vetere Editor

Economic Diversification in...

The Political Economy of the Middle East (Series)

Ashraf Mishrif Editor
Yousuf Al Balushi Editor

Flight Systems and Control

Springer Aerospace Technology (Series)

Tian Seng Ng Author

Flexible Strategies in VUCA...

Flexible Systems Management (Series)

Sanjay Dhir Editor
Sushil Editor

Manual of Fertility Enhancing...

Shikha Jain Editor
Dattaprasad B. Inamdar Editor

The Mind of an Engineer

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Baldev Raj Editor

Practical Spirituality and...

Ananta Kumar Giri Editor

Metamaterial Surface...

Springer Theses (Series)

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Forensic Medicine and Human...

Current Human Cell Research and Applications (Series)

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Modeling, Simulation, and...

Power Systems (Series)

Tharangika Bambaravanage Author
Asanka Rodrigo Author

Musicality of Human Brain...

Signals and Communication Technology (Series)

Dipak Ghosh Author
Ranjan Sengupta Author


Ram Prasad Editor
Vivek Kumar Editor

Co-existing Diseases and...

Hemanshu Prabhakar Editor
Vasudha Singhal Editor

Human Herpesviruses

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (Series)

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Yasuko Mori Editor

The Origin of the Capitalist...

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Innovation in Medicine and...

Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies (Series)

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Alfred Zimmermann Editor

POW/MIA Accounting

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The Plasticity of Skeletal...

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Research on the Radiation...

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Space Science and...

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Sound in the Time Domain

Signals and Communication Technology (Series)

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Varieties of Alternatives

Frontiers in Chinese Linguistics (Series)

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Understanding Western Culture

Guobin Xu Editor
Yanhui Chen Editor

The Catholic Church in Taiwan

Christianity in Modern China (Series)

Francis K.h. So Editor
Beatrice K.f. Leung Editor

Co-signal Molecules in T Cell...

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (Series)

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Hideo Yagita Editor

Microbial Genomics in...

Vijay Tripathi Editor
Pradeep Kumar Editor

Precise Neurovascular Anatomy...

Shingo Fujii Author
Kentaro Sekiyama Author

Restoration, Reconstruction...

Vijay V. Haribhakti Author
Shekhar Bhojraj Illustrator

Viral Hepatitis in Children

Mei-hwei Chang Editor
Kathleen B. Schwarz Editor

Journalistic Stance in...

Changpeng Huan Author

2nd International Conference...

IFMBE Proceedings (Series)

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Juliana Usman Editor

Raising the Dust

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The Dubious Case of a Failed...

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ÖMer Turan Editor