Cardiovascular Biomechanics

Peter R. Hoskins Editor
Patricia V. Lawford Editor

Classical Mechanics

Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics (Series)

Reinhard Hentschke Author

Differential Equations

Springer Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics and Technology (Series)

Christian Constanda Author

Essentials of Stochastic...

Springer Texts in Statistics (Series)

Richard Durrett Author

Fundamentals of Biomechanics

Nihat Özkaya Author
Dawn Leger Author

Guide to Discrete Mathematics

Texts in Computer Science (Series)

Gerard O'Regan Author

Introduction to Logic...

Brock J. LaMeres Author

Introduction to Logic...

Brock J. LaMeres Author

Introduction to Statistics...

Christian Heumann Author
Michael Schomaker Author

Leadership Today

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Joan Marques Editor
Satinder Dhiman Editor

Probability with Applications...

Springer Texts in Statistics (Series)

Matthew A. Carlton Author
Jay L. Devore Author

Statistical Learning from a...

Springer Texts in Statistics (Series)

Richard A. Berk Author

Strategy and Game Theory

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Felix Munoz-Garcia Author
Daniel Toro-Gonzalez Author

Time Series Econometrics

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Klaus Neusser Author

Finance, Accounting and Law...

Contributions to Management Science (Series)

Nadia Mansour Editor
Lorenzo Mateo Bujosa Vadell Editor

Financing Basic Income

Exploring the Basic Income Guarantee (Series)

Richard Pereira Editor

Food, Consumption, and...

Crime Files (Series)

Marta Usiekniewicz Author

Fuelling the World Economy

Palgrave Studies in Maritime Economics (Series)

Daniel Castillo Hidalgo Editor
Cezar Honorato Editor

Geometric Harmonic Analysis IV

Developments in Mathematics (Series)

Dorina Mitrea Author
Irina Mitrea Author

Impact of Scientific...

Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (Series)

Pekka Neittaanmäki Editor
Marja-Leena Rantalainen Editor

Industry 4.0: the Power of Data

Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering (Series)

Luis R. Izquierdo Editor
José Ignacio Santos Editor

Information Technology and...

Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (Series)

Book 1

Álvaro Rocha Editor
Carlos Ferrás Editor

Innovative Methods in Child...

Child Maltreatment Solutions Network (Series)

Chad E. Shenk Editor

Internal Medicine

Jarrah Ali Al-Tubaikh Author

Internet in the Post-Soviet Area

Societies and Political Orders in Transition (Series)

Sergey Davydov Editor

Introduction to Designing...

Designing Environments (Series)

Michael U. Hensel Editor
Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel Editor

Latin American Sport Media

Bernardo Buarque de Hollanda Editor
Luiz Guilherme Burlamaqui Editor

Legal Power and Legal Competence

Law and Philosophy Library (Series)

Gonzalo Villa-Rosas Editor
Torben Spaak Editor

Lessons from a Translingual...

Jieun Kiaer Author
Hyejeong Ahn Author

Mechanics of Heterogeneous...

Advanced Structured Materials (Series)

Holm Altenbach Editor
Giovanni Bruno Editor

Nation Branding and Sports...

Yoav Dubinsky Author

Post-Acute and Long-Term Care...

Current Clinical Practice (Series)

Peter Winn Editor
Pamela A. Fenstemacher Editor

Post-Independence Development...

Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development (Series)

David Mhlanga Editor
Emmanuel Ndhlovu Editor

Power Beyond Constitutions

Palgrave Studies in Presidential Politics (Series)

Miloš Brunclík Author
Michal Kubát Author

Public Relations Management...

Albert A. Anani-Bossman Editor
Takalani E. Mudzanani Editor

Responsible Consumption and...

Springer Business Cases (Series)

Enrique Carlos Bianchi Editor
Jose Luis Vazquez Burguete Editor

Smart Sustainable Cities and...

Human Well-Being Research and Policy Making (Series)

Enrico Ivaldi Author
Andrea Ciacci Author

Software Engineering Research...

Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (Series)

Book 1

Radek Silhavy Editor
Petr Silhavy Editor

Solidarity and Rule of Law

European Union and its Neighbours in a Globalized World (Series)

Teresa Russo Editor
Anna Oriolo Editor

Space, Identity and Education

Ceri Brown Author
Michael Donnelly Author

State Socialism in Eastern...

Marx, Engels, and Marxisms (Series)

Eszter Bartha Editor
Tamás Krausz Editor


Palgrave Studies in Political Leadership (Series)

Andrew S. Roe-Crines Editor
David Jeffery Editor

The Movement of Thought

Nordic Wittgenstein Studies (Series)

James Matthew Fielding Author

The Other Lepidoptera

Tim R. New Author

The Work-Ready Graduate

Neil B. Niman Author
Jennifer R. Chagnon Author

Transforming Biocities

Future City (Series)

Giuseppe E. Scarascia-Mugnozza Editor
Vicente Guallart Editor

Trends and Challenges in...

Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences (Series)

Maria Kateri Editor
Irini Moustaki Editor

Vision, Technology, and...

Studies in Global Science Fiction (Series)

Stephen C. Tobin Author

Women in Archaeology

Women in Engineering and Science (Series)

Sandra L. López Varela Editor

Women's Empowerment for a...

Claude-Hélène Mayer Editor
Elisabeth Vanderheiden Editor