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Between a Wolf and a Dog

Georgia Blain Author

The Parcel

Anosh Irani Author

The Ice Age

Luke Williams Author

Wolf, Wolf

Eben Venter Author
Michiel Heyns Translator

Au Pair

Fiona McGregor Author


Tony Birch Author

The Heart of Henry Quantum

Pepper Harding Author

These Are the Names

Tommy Wieringa Author
Sam Garrett Translator

Buckley's Hope

Craig Robertson Author

Two Rings

Millie Werber Author
Eve Keller Author

The Winterlings

Cristina Sanchez-Andrade Author

Rocks in the Belly

Jon Bauer Author

Breaking News

Ben Hills Author

The Third Wave

Alison Thompson Author


Emma Becker Author
Maxim Jakubowski Translator


Vivienne Kelly Author

The House in Via Manno

Milena Agus Author
Brigid Maher Translator

If I Loved You, I Would Tell...

Robin Black Author

I Say Tomato

Katie Wall Author


Arthur Phillips Author

The Interrogator

Glenn Carle Author

A Darker Music

Maris Morton Author


Anita Elberse Author

Your Medical Choices

Jerome Groopman Author
Pamela Hartzband Author

Daddy's Wings

Milena Agus Author
Brigid Maher Translator

The Failure of Free-Market...

Martin Feil Author

Running Dogs

Ruby J. Murray Author


Jennifer Ackerman Author

Daniel Stein, Interpreter

Ludmila Ulitskaya Author
Arch Tait Translator

The Zeroes

Randall Lane Author

The Power of Seven Frameworks

Kazuyo Katsuma Author


Juliet Schor Author

Deadly Waters

Jay Bahadur Author

A Lighter Footprint

Angela Crocombe Author

The Authenticity Hoax

Andrew Potter Author

Why Labor Should Savour Its...

Brad Orgill Author

The New Hate

Arthur Goldwag Author

Original Skin

Maryrose Cuskelly Author

Who Repo'd My Jet?

Robert Frank Author

WikiLeaks and the Age of...

Micah Sifry Author

Future Files

Richard Watson Author

How to Cause a Scandal

Laura Kipnis Author


Neill Lochery Author

Bargaining with the Devil

Robert Mnookin Author

Occupying Wall Street

Writers for the 99% Author

Hare's Fur

Trevor Shearston Author

Accidental Death?

Robin Bowles Author