The Historic Landscape of Devon

Lucy Ryder Author

Gardens in History

Louise Wickham Author

Stories from Ancient Egypt

Joyce A. Tyldesley Author
Julian Heath Author

Deliciae Fictiles IV

Patricia S. Lulof Editor
Carlo Rescigno Editor

Flint and Stone in the...

Alan Saville Editor

Old Kingdom, New Perspectives

Nigel Strudwick Editor
Helen Strudwick Editor

Places in Between

David Mullin Editor


Kevin Cole Editor
Miko Flohr Editor

Roman Imperial Armour

David Sim Author
J. Kaminski Author


Stephen Burrow Author

Sandwich - The 'Completest...

Helen Clarke Author
Sarah Pearson Author

Signals of Belief in Early...

Martin Carver Editor
Alex Sanmark Author

The Ritual Killing and Burial...

Aleksander Pluskowski Editor

Anatolian Interfaces

Billie Jean Collins Author
Mary R. Bachvarova Author

Ancient Iran and Its Neighbours

The British Institute Of Persian Studies Archaeological Monographs Series Iii (Series)

Cameron A. Petrie Editor

Ancient Rome

Jon Coulston Author
Hazel Dodge Author


Frances Lynch Author
Mick Sharp Author

Everyday Life in Viking-Age...

Letty ten Harkel Editor
D. M. Hadley Editor

Poisonous Plants

Robert Bevan-Jones Author

Radiocarbon and the...

C. Bronk Ramsey Editor
Andrew J. Shortland Editor

Saddling the Dogs

Diane Fortenberry Editor
Deborah Manley Author

Structure, Image, Ornament

Peter Schultz Editor
Ralf Von den Hoff Author

Dictionary of Classical...

Jennifer R. March Author

Stairway to Heaven

Toby Huitson Author

Art, Artisans and Apprentices

James Ayres Author

Blood Red Roses

Veronica Fiorato Author
Anthea Boylston Author

Bosworth 1485

Glenn Foard Author
Anne Curry Author

Celtic Art in Europe

Christopher Gosden Editor
Sally Crawford Editor

Death and Changing Rituals

J. Rasmus Brandt Editor
Håkon Roland Editor

Textile Production in...

Margarita Gleba Author

Documentary Sources in...

Heather D. Baker Editor
Michael Jursa Editor

Hopewell Ceremonial...

Mark Lynott Author

Picturing the Bronze Age

Johan Ling Editor
Peter Skoglund Editor

Environment, Society and the...

Per Lagerås Editor

Gardens and Gardeners of the...

Linda Farrar Author

A Medieval Woman's Companion

Susan Signe Morrison Author

Norfolk Landscapes

Doug Kennedy Author

On the Fascination of Objects

John Boardman Editor
Andrew Parkin Editor

Roman Military Equipment from...

M. C. Bishop Author
John Coulston Author

Burial and Social Change in...

Elisa Perego Editor
Rafael Scopacasa Editor

An Upland Biography

John Barnatt Author
Bill Bevan Author

Life and Death in Asia Minor...

J. Rasmus Brandt Editor
Erika Hagelberg Editor

Preserved in the Peat

Andy M. Jones Editor

Empire State

Simon Elliott Author

Naqada and Ballas

W.M. Flinders Petrie Author

The Cities of the Plain

Robin Rönnlund Author

The Norse Sorceress

Leszek Gardeła Editor
Sophie Bønding Editor

Amarna City of Akhenaten and...

Julia Sampson Author
H.S. Smith Author of introduction, etc.

Brick Architecture in Ancient...

A. J. Spencer Author

The Birds of Ancient Egypt

Patrick F. Houlihan Author
Steven M. Goodman Other