Ibn S?n? (Avicenna)

Very Short Introductions (Series)

Peter Adamson Author

Biodiversity Conservation

Very Short Introductions (Series)

David W. Macdonald Author

The Rise and Fall of the...

Pepijn Corduwener Author


Very Short Introductions (Series)

Manfred B. Steger Author


Nick Bostrom Author

The Selfish Gene

Oxford Landmark Science (Series)

Richard Dawkins Author

Modernist Parody

Oxford English Monographs (Series)

Sarah Davison Author

Non-Interrogative Subordinate...

Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics (Series)

?ukasz J?drzejowski Editor
Carla Umbach Editor

Performing Time

Clemens W?llner Editor
Justin London Editor

Plato and the Metaphysical...

Classics in Theory Series

Irene Han Author

Pockets of Effectiveness and...

Sam Hickey Editor

Robust Realism in Ethics

Stephen Ingram Author

Scottish Philosophy in the...

A History of Scottish Philosophy (Series)

Aaron Garrett Editor
James A. Harris Editor

Shakespeare & Collaborative...

Oxford Shakespeare Topics (Series)

Will Sharpe Author

Standing in Private Law

Oxford Private Law Theory (Series)

Timothy Liau Author

Text and Textuality in Early...

Oxford Historical Monographs (Series)

Graham Barrett Author

The Biology and Ecology of...

Alan Hildrew Author
Paul Giller Author

The Evolutionary Ecology of...

Gregory Gilbert Author
Ingrid Parker Author

The Modern Doctrines of...

Rachael Mulheron Author

What's Wrong with Lookism?

New Topics in Applied Philosophy (Series)

Andrew Mason Author

Woman Much Missed

Mark Ford Author

Being Single in Georgian England

Amy Harris Author

Borders and the Politics of...

Oxford Historical Monographs (Series)

Luca Zenobi Author

Brexit and the Digital Single...

Alison Harcourt Author


Oxford Histories (Series)

Derek Hirst Author

History and International...

Martin Wight Author
David S. Yost Editor

Literature and the Senses

Oxford Twenty-First Century Approaches to Literature (Series)

Annette Kern-St?hler Editor
Elizabeth Robertson Editor

Ovid in French

Classical Presences (Series)

Helena Taylor Editor
Fiona Cox Editor

Oxford Studies in Metaethics...

Oxford Studies in Metaethics (Series)

Russ Shafer-Landau Editor

Poetry, Catastrophe, and Hope...

Francis Landy Author

Rethinking Drug Laws

Clarendon Studies in Criminology (Series)

Toby Seddon Author

Sensory Individuals

Aleksandra Mroczko-W?sowicz Editor
Rick Grush Editor

Soldiers of Democracy?

Sharan Grewal Author

The Changing World of a...

Salima Tyabji Author

The Germ of Justice

Leslie Green Author

The Porta Stabia Neighborhood...

Steven J. R. Ellis Author
Allison L. C. Emmerson Author

Transforming International...

Erin R. Graham Author

Tropical Rain Forest Ecology,...

Jaboury Ghazoul Author
Douglas Sheil Author

United Kingdoms

Alvin Jackson Author

Waiting on Empire

Arunima Datta Author

Disaster Insurance Reimagined

Paula Jarzabkowski Author
Konstantinos Chalkias Author

Externalism about Knowledge

Luis R. G. Oliveira Editor

Natural Law and Modern Society

Sean Coyle Author

Plant Strategies

Daniel C. Laughlin Author

Selected Letters of Wilfred Owen

Jane Potter Editor

The Collected Works of John Ford

Oxford English Texts (Series)

Brian Vickers Editor

The Human a Priori

A. W. Moore Author

The Metaphysics of...

Changing Paradigms in Historical and Systematic Theology (Series)

Richard Cross Author

The Promise of Welfare in the...

Oxford Mid-Century Studies (Series)

Kelly M. Rich Author

The Real Living Wage

Edmund Heery Author
Deborah Hann Author