The Bird and the Sword

Amy Harmon Author
Trina Nishimura Narrator

A Man on the Moon

Andrew Chaikin Author
Tom Hanks Author

Prepare to Meet Thy Doom

David Kushner Author
Wil Wheaton Narrator

Taking Charge of ADHD

Russell A. Barkley Author
Phd Author


Steven Levy Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

Girl on a Train

AJ Waines Author
Melissa Chambers Narrator

White Like Me

Tim Wise Author
Tim Wise Narrator

How To Lie With Statistics

Darrell Huff Author
Bryan DePuy Narrator

Bright Kids Who Can't Keep Up

Ellen Braaten PhD Author
Brian Willoughby PhD Author

Smart but Scattered Teens

Richard Guare PhD Author
Peg Dawson EdD Author

Waking Up White

Debby Irving Author
Debby Irving Narrator

No Longer Safe

AJ Waines Author
Emma Powell Narrator

Stop Caretaking the...

Margalis Fjelstad Author
Dawn McKelvie Cyr Narrator


Daniel Kunitz Author
Joe Towne Narrator

Asgard Stories

Mary. H Foster & Mable H. Cummings Author
Keith O'Brien Narrator

The Other End of the Leash

Patricia B. McConnell Author
Ph.D. Author

Alligator Candy

David Kushner Author
Bronson Pinchot Narrator

No Greater Love

Mother Teresa Author
Lorna Raver Narrator


Penn Jillette Author
Penn Jillette Narrator

On Trails

Robert Moor Author
Jason Grasl Narrator

Walden Two

B.F. Skinner Author
Robert McCollum Narrator

The World's Most Dangerous Geek

David Kushner Author
Nan McNamara Narrator

How to Be a Financial Grownup

Bobbi Rebell Author
Bobbi Rebell Narrator

My Fight / Your Fight

Ronda Rousey Author
Ronda Rousey Narrator

Nothing Is True and...

Peter Pomerantsev Author
Antony Ferguson Narrator

Prisoners of Geography

Tim Marshall Author
Scott Brick Narrator

Sweet Dreams

Sunny Leone Author
Simone Lewis Narrator

To Pixar and Beyond

Lawrence Levy Author
Bronson Pinchot Narrator


Chris Hedges Author
David Talbot Author

A Perfect Union of Contrary...

Sarah Jensen Author
Maynard James Keenan Author

The Evil Beneath

A.J. Waines Author
Emma Powell Narrator

Becoming Brilliant

Roberta Michnick Golink Author
PhD; Kathy Hirsh-Pasek Author


Heartstone (Series)

Elle Katharine White Author
Billie Fulford-Brown Narrator

Stamped from the Beginning

Ibram X. Kendi Author
Christopher Dontrell Piper Narrator

The Cabin

Natasha Preston Author
Morag Sims Narrator

The Plot to Hack America

Malcolm Nance Author
Gregory Itzin Narrator

Against the Current

Mike Bodnar Author
Mike Bodnar Narrator

The Art of the Con

Anthony M. Amore Author
Michael Johnson Narrator

Defending Beef

Nicolette Hahn Niman Author
Nicolette Hahn Niman Narrator

Notes on Blindness

John Hull Author
Nicholas Guy Smith Narrator

The Grim Sleeper

Christine Pelisek Author
Inger Tudor Narrator

Dark Place to Hide

A J Waines Author
John Lee Narrator

Fast, Natural Weight Loss...

Joel Thielke Author
Catherine Perry Narrator

The Defiant Child

Douglas A. Riley Author
Braden Wright Narrator

The Queen and the Cure

The Bird and the Sword Chronicles (Series)

Amy Harmon Author
Steve West Narrator

The Inner Life of Animals

Peter Wohlleben Author
Translation by Jane Billinghurst Author

The Actor's Life

Jenna Fischer Author
Foreword by Steve Carell Author

This Love Story Will...

Leslie Cohen Author
Karissa Vacker Narrator

The Inconvenient Indian

Thomas King Author
Lorne Cardinal Narrator

The Happiest Baby on the Block

Harvey Karp Author
Tim Fannon Narrator