P. N. Ravindran Editor
K. Nirmal Babu Editor

Memory Management for...

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Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya Author

Extractive Metallurgy of...

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Fetal and Early Postnatal...

Oxidative Stress and Disease (Series)

Mulchand S. Patel Editor
Jens H. Nielsen Editor

Deferring Development

Evolutionary Cell Biology (Series)

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Brian K. Hall Editor

Multi-Core Embedded Systems

Embedded Multi-Core Systems (Series)

Georgios Kornaros Editor

Geotechnical Modelling

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The Fatherland Files

Alan N Clifford Author

Saunders Mac Lane

Saunders Mac Lane Author

Trace Environmental...

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Vehicle Crash Mechanics

Matthew Huang Author

Understanding the Properties...

Michael de Podesta Author

Carbon Capture, Storage and...

Malti Goel Editor
M. Sudhakar Editor

BIOS Instant Notes in Human...

Instant Notes (Series)

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Jonathan Stamford Author

Food Product Design

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Food Analysis

Gruenwedel Author

Durability of Concrete in...

M. Pigeon Author


Behzad Ghanbarian Editor
Allen G. Hunt Editor

Advanced Studies in...

Chapman & Hall/CRC in Operations Research (Series)

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Adiel Teixeira De Almeida Editor

Handbook of Imaging Materials

Optical Science and Engineering (Series)

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Groundwater Pollution in Africa

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Brent Usher Editor

Superfluidity and...

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Biofiltration for Air...

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Handbook of Communications...

Gilbert Held Author

The Handbook of Optical...

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Soil Degradation in the...

Rattan Lal Author
Rattan Lal Author

Handbook of Brewing

Food Science and Technology (Series)

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Inge Russell Editor

Graph Polynomials

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications (Series)

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Matthias Dehmer Editor

High-Speed Devices and...

Devices, Circuits, and Systems (Series)

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A Concise Introduction to...

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Intelligence in IoT-enabled...

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Helicobacter pylori Biology...

C. Stewart Goodwin Author


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Esra Sorguven Oner Author

Multi-Resolution Methods for...

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John L. Junkins Author

Numerical Methods for Finance

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David Edelman Editor


V R Preedy Editor
Ronald R. Watson Editor

Concise Introduction to Basic...

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P. N. Natarajan Author

Human Factors in Aircraft...

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Charalampos Sergiou Author

Designing Network On-Chip...

Jose Flich Editor
Davide Bertozzi Editor

Electrochemistry of Porous...

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Building Regulations in Brief

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Samantha Alford Author

Laser-Plasma Interactions

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R.A. Bingham Editor


Shui Qing Ye Editor

Brickwork Level 3

Malcolm Thorpe Author

Handbook of Markov Chain...

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Andrew Gelman Editor

Handbook of Optofluidics

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Holger Schmidt Editor

Honey Bee Colony Health

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Lexicon of Pulse Crops

Aleksandar Mikić Author