The Smashing Scroll

Library of Doom (Series)

Michael Dahl Author
Bradford Kendall Illustrator

Junior High Drama

Louise Simonson Author
Sumin Cho Illustrator

Katie Woo Has the Flu

Katie Woo (Series)

Fran Manushkin Author
Tammie Lyon Illustrator

Expanding a Nation

Cause and Effect (Series)

Elizabeth Raum Author

Community Helpers at the...

Community Helpers on the Scene (Series)

Mari Schuh Author

Your Respiratory System Works!

Your Body Systems (Series)

Flora Brett Author

Understanding Viruses with...

Graphic Science 4D (Series)

Nick Derington Illustrator
Tod Smith Other

The California Gold Rush and...

Landmarks in U.S. History (Series)

Jean F. Blashfield Author

Remembering the Dead Around...

Cultures and Customs (Series)

Anita Ganeri Author

Tropical Climates

Focus on Climate Zones (Series)

Cath Senker Author

On Top of the World

Pedro (Series)

Fran Manushkin Author
Tammie Lyon Illustrator

Flower Girl Katie

Katie Woo (Series)

Fran Manushkin Author
Tammie Lyon Illustrator


Infected! (Series)

Barbara Krasner Author

Plant Cells

Genetics (Series)

Mason Anders Author

Go Wash Up

How to Be Healthy! (Series)

Veronica Rooney Illustrator
Amanda Doering Tourville Author

Exploring Constellations

Discover the Night Sky (Series)

Sara L. Latta Author

My Respiratory System

My Body Systems (Series)

Martha E. Rustad Author
Martha E. H. Rustad Author

Too Many Carrots

Katy Hudson Author
Katy Hudson Illustrator

Why Do I Sneeze?

My Silly Body (Series)

Gail Saunders-Smith Other
Molly Kolpin Author

Fighting to Survive World War II

Fighting to Survive (Series)

Nancy Dickmann Author

Daily Life in Shang Dynasty...

Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations (Series)

Lori Hile Author

The Doctor's Office

Visit to... (Series)

Blake A. Hoena Author

Harness It

Invent It (Series)

Tammy Enz Author

Recreational Drones

Drones (Series)

Matt Chandler Author

Mission Super Halloween

Bumble B. (Series)

Marsha Qualey Author
Jessica Gibson Illustrator

Spinning Away

Jake Maddox JV Girls (Series)

Jake Maddox Author

Humans and Earth's Atmosphere

Humans and Our Planet (Series)

Ava Sawyer Author

Grill Master

Kids Can Cook! (Series)

Tyler Omoth Author

Pararescue Corps

Pararescue Corps (Series)

Michael P. Spradlin Author
Spiros Karkavelas Illustrator

Lazy Crafternoon

Craft It Yourself (Series)

Stella Fields Author

A Dolphin Named Star

Seaside Sanctuary (Series)

Emma Carlson Berne Author
Erwin Madrid Illustrator

Protecting Our Planet

Beyond the Headlines! (Series)

Jilly Hunt Author

Olympic Gold 1936

Captured History Sports (Series)

Michael Burgan Author

The Vikings

History Hunters (Series)

Louise Spilsbury Author

Ooze Control

School Bus of Horrors (Series)

Michael Dahl Author
Euan Cook Illustrator

Meet Yasmin!

Yasmin (Series)

Saadia Faruqi Author
Hatem Aly Illustrator

Behind-the-Scenes Pro Sports...

Behind the Glamour (Series)

Danielle S. Hammelef Author

Do Not Bring Your Dragon to...

Fiction Picture (Series)

Julie Gassman Author
Andy Elkerton Illustrator

The Horrible, Miserable...

Disgusting History (Series)

Kathy Allen Author

Katie Woo's Crazy Critter Jokes

Katie Woo's Joke (Series)

Fran Manushkin Author
Tammie Lyon Other

Famous Ghost Stories of North...

Haunted World (Series)

Matt Chandler Author

Egyptian Myths

Mythology Around the World (Series)

Eric Braun Author

Pink Hair and Other Terrible...

Andrea Pyros Author


Redworld (Series)

A.L. Collins Author
Tomislav Tikulin Illustrator

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Eyewitness to World War II (Series)

Andrew Langley Author

Soccer Switch

Jake Maddox Graphic Novels (Series)

Jake Maddox Author
Jesus Aburto Martinez Illustrator

Navajo Code Talkers

Military Heroes (Series)

Brynn Baker Author

The Invention of the Computer

World-Changing Inventions (Series)

Lucy Beevor Author