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cover image of /문재인의 운명 (Fate, Destiny, and Moon Jae-in)

/문재인의 운명 (Fate, Destiny, and Moon Jae-in)

by / 문재인


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Moon Jae-in and former president Roh Moo-hyun have been lifelong friends for more than 30 years, it is as if their destinies ran a parallel course- To commemorating this special edition, an illustrative of Nepal Rangtang's account of the 2016 Bhutan visitation will be featured.Rather than acknowledging Moon Jae-in as his friend, the former president Roh would always introduce himself as "Moon Jae-in's friend, Roh Moo-hyun." As a memorial to former President Roh's passing, 『Fate, Destiny, and Moon Jae-in』 is a testimony of how the former President Roh Moo-hyun and the Participatory Government was seen thrown Moon Jae-in's eyes.The book is segmented into four parts, "my encounter," "my life," "my companion," and "my destiny," beginning with initial encounter with attorney Roh Moon-hyun. They first met as attorneys specializing in labor and civil rights law, continuing not only as political partners but friends. This book records their 30-year friendship and the behind-the-scenes events in that occurred.This volume includes a special edition feature of Nepal Rangtang the illustrative journal of the 2016 visitation to Bhutan.[책소개]- 노무현 전 대통령과 함께한 30년 동지 문재인, 두 사람의 운명 같은 동행- 특별판 출간기념 2016년 네팔 랑탕 트래킹, 부탄 방문 화보 수록『문재인의 운명』은 노무현 전 대통령 서거 2주기를 맞아 노 대통령이 생전에 "노무현의 친구 문재인이 아니라, 문재인의 친구 노무현"이라고 표현할 만큼 신뢰했던 평생의 동지, 문재인의 시각에서 본 노무현 전 대통령과 참여정부에 대한 증언이다. 책은 '만남' '인생' '동행' '운명' 등 모두 4부로 구성되어 있으며 저자가 처음 노무현 변호사를 만나 함께 노동-인권변호사로 활동하던 시기부터 정치적 파트너로서 뿐만 아니라 친구이자 한 사람의 인간이었던 그들의 30여년 세월 동안의 인연과 그 이면의 이야기를 상세히 기록하고 있다.금번 특별판에는 2016년 네팔 랑탕 트래킹과 부탄 방문 화보가 실려있다.[저자소개]문재인대한민국의 법조인, 시민운동가, 정치인. 1953년 경남 거제에서 태어나 경희대 법대를 졸업했다. 대학 시절, 유신반대 시위를 주도하다 집시법 위반으로 구속·제적되었고, 1980년에는 계엄포고령 위반으로 구속되었다. 1982년 사법연수원을 차석으로 수료했으나 시위 전력 때문에 판사로 임용되지 못하고 부산으로 내려와 인권변호사의 길을 걸었다. 동의대 방화사건 등 1980, 1990년대 시국사건 대부분을 맡아 변론했다. 부산지방변호사회 인권위원장, 부산·경남 민변 대표, 노동자를 위한 연대 대표, 「한겨레」 창간위원으로 활동했다. 노무현 전 대통령과는 부산에서 인권변호사로 활동하며 인연을 맺었고 줄곧 [Introduction of the author]Moon Jae-InRepublic of Korea's attorney, civil right's activist, and politician, was born in 1953 in Gyeongnam Geoje-si. He graduated from Kyunghee University's Law School. During his college years, he led a protest against revitalizing reformation and was expelled and imprisoned due to the violation of the assembly and demonstration law. He was also imprisoned in 1980 for violating martial law. In 1982 he finished second at the Judicial Research and Training Institute, but due to his past record he wasn't appointed as a judge, so he went south to Busan and started his journey as a human rights attorney. During the 80s and 90s, he defended the fire accident in Dong-eui University, several state of affairs incidents, and many others. In addition, he served as chairman for human rights for the Busan Regional Bar Association, and functioned as representative for the Busan and Kyungnam's lawyers for Democratic Society, as well as representative for labor unions,, and also served on the committee of 「Hankyoreh」.As colleagues for human rights in Busan with former president Roh Moo-hyun, their relationship began and transition into comradeship. With the inauguration of the Participatory Government, he served as the presidential secretary for civil affairs at the Blue house, but due to his failing health he resigned. However, when President Roh was impeached, Moon Jae-in quickly came back and formed a defense council. In 2005, he returned to the Blue house and served as chief secretary for civil society and civil affairs. Before the passing of the former President Roh, he was his attorney, and after his death Moon Jae-in was in charge all funeral related proceedings...

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/문재인의 운명 (Fate, Destiny, and Moon Jae-in)
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