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cover image of 梦游者青成(Sleepwalker Qing Cheng)

梦游者青成(Sleepwalker Qing Cheng)

by 朱雀


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初中生青成梦见自己是一名肩负拯救人类使命的勇士,他将在未来击败企图统治地球的魔王。在来自全世界一千名孩子的聚会中,青成获知"双岛大陆"首领朱雀企图利用地球生物的"潜能"击败"半岛大陆"以统治整个世界,其后又察觉自己身上潜藏了分属两个首领父亲的灵魂。为了化解这场人类劫难,青成跟两位首领决定一起去"叹息谷"向时间魔术师求助。答应施以援手的时间之神提出跟大家玩一场游戏,不料在此期间,睡眠的地球消失了,大陆的原居民被传送到了另一个地球,穆里阿弟和朱雀也遭魔法石化。他们分头寻求破解,朱雀分身失手被擒,青成炔靽与精灵国高手大战,后碰上驰援的小菊与侏儒国王,最终联手救出了朱雀分身。回到双岛大陆,历尽艰辛夺得的魔法石被卧底偷换,获救的朱雀又受制于一个狂妄宣称他将击败双岛与半岛,统一地球的神秘人。当青成等人逃往碧绿森林女王城堡暂避追捕时,世界大战爆发了。原来数百年前那个跟半岛/双岛鼎立的"第三大陆"并未彻底灭亡,遗孤莫尔氏王子一直在绝望深渊修炼魔法,伺图东山再起。青成再访"叹息谷",发现上次见到的时间魔术师竟是莫尔氏假冒,正是他利用青成的超人灵力,将分处不同宇宙的地球强构为新地球,并且发动了战争。穆尼阿弟会同朱雀青成率军在"绝望深渊"与众多可怕怪物展开生死决战,待他们找到莫施法的山洞时,却被魔力强大的莫尔氏一一重创,青成也被杀死。千钧一发关头,青成舍生救人的行为触发了体内灵力,复活的他重返地球击杀了莫尔氏。地球恢复正常,双岛和半岛也结束了数百年的战争状态。生死与共的朋友们依依不舍却不得不各奔东西,青成也从梦境返回了日常生活。( The junior middle school student Qing Cheng dreams he is a warrior who has the task of saving the mankind, and he will defeat the devil who attempts the earth in the future. In the party with 1,000 children from the world, Qing Cheng knows Zhu Que-leader of Double Island Mainland attempts to defeat Peninsula Mainland so as to control the whole world, and finds his body has soul of the two leaders' father respectively. In order to solve the mankind disaster, Qing Cheng goes with the two leaders to beg the time magician for assistance. The time gold promises helping them. But during the period, the earth under sleeping disappears, original residents on the mainland are sent to another earth, Muliadi and Zhu Que become stones. They seek for solution respectively, Zhu Que is caught, Qing Cheng fights with past master, and meets Xiao Que and king of dwarf state, and they resue Zhu Que finally.After they return Double Island Mainland, magic stone is substituted stealthily, and Zhu Que is controlled by one mysterious person. When Qing Cheng and other persons run to castle of queen of Green Forest, the world war starts. "The Third Mainland", which stays with Peninsula Mainland/Double Island Mainland, isn't dead completely. Prince Morsi learns magic all the time, and attempts staging comeback. Qing Cheng visits Tangxi Valley again, and finds the time magician is Morshi actually, who makes use of Qing Cheng's power to reconstruct different earths into new earth, and starts the war. Muniadi and Zhu Que Qing Cheng lead the army to fight with many monsters. When they find the cave that is give to magic, they are hurt by Morsi with powerful magic, and Qing Cheng is killed. At a crucial moment , Qing Cheng's act for giving his life to save others triggers mental power, he returns the earth and kills Morsi. The earth becomes normal, Peninsula and Double Island finish war stats for long time. The friends that experience life and death have to go different places, and Qing Cheng returns to normal living from dream. )

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梦游者青成(Sleepwalker Qing Cheng)
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