cover image of 历史选择了毛泽东 The (History Chose Mao Zedong)

历史选择了毛泽东 The (History Chose Mao Zedong)

by 叶永烈


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揭开重重迷雾,披露中共早期领导人的沉浮命运展现苦难辉煌,细解政治强人毛泽东的崛起之谜中国共产党在1921年诞生后,到1935年遵义会议这十四年间,走马灯似的换了六个领袖,即陈独秀、瞿秋白、向忠发、李立三、王明、博古,经历了一右三"左"(即陈独秀的右倾和瞿秋白、李立三、王明与博古的三次"左"倾)。直至遵义会议,确立了毛泽东的领袖地位。从1935年遵义会议到1949年中华人民共和国成立,也是十四年。毛泽东领导中国共产党和中国人民,在这十四年间取得辉煌的胜利。这究竟是历史的选择,还是时势的造就?作者专程赴井冈山、瑞金、遵义等地采访,并在北京等地访问了众多的历史见证人、知情人和中共党史专家,查阅了大量有关的历史文献、档案,以翔实、流畅的笔调,并以崭新的、特殊的"领袖史"视角,写出了毛泽东当年的沉浮,并披露了许多鲜为人知的史实。◎中共早期领导人陈独秀、瞿秋白、向忠发、李立三、王明、博古等如何上台、在台上如何作为、如何下台及下台后的政治与人生命运如何?◎历史一开始并未青睐毛泽东,他几度被撤职,几度遭批判,一次被捕,几番病重,他如何在时代风云和党内斗争中傲世崛起?◎瞿秋白上庐山与鲍罗廷密谈,周恩来、张闻天、博古关于卢福坦想当总书记而没有当成的情况的原始谈话记录,"三人团"、"AB团"以及高层领导间的争论和斗争,这些中共早期鲜为人知的重大事件的来龙去脉是怎么回事?......Uncover Various Mysteries and the Uncertain Fates of the Early Leaders of the CPC Reveal Sufferings and Brilliance and Explain the Secret of the Rise of Political Strongman Mao Zedong in Detail During the 14 years from the birth of the CPC in 1921 to holding of the Zunyi Conference in 1935, it produced six leaders like a merry-go-round, namely Chen Duxiu, Qu Qiubai, Xiang Zhongfa, Li Lisan, Wang Ming and Bo Gu and went through one rightist mistake and three leftist ones (that is, Chen Duxiu's rightist mistake and Qu Qiubai, Li Lisan, Wang Ming and Bo Gu's three "leftist" ones). Finally, the leadership of Mao Zedong was established at the Zunyi Conference. From the Zunyi Conference in 1935 to the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, also 14 years, Mao Zedong led the CPC and the Chinese people obtained a brilliant victory during this period of time. Was this the choice of history, or did the then situation create so? The author made special trips to Jinggangshan, Ruijin, Zunyi and other places for interviews, met numerous historical witnesses, insiders, experts in the history of the CPC in Beijing and other places, consulted a lot of related historical literature and files, wrote the then ups and downs of Mao Zedong in a new and special perspective of "the history of a leader" and revealed many historical facts which are seldom unknown by people. ◎How did the early leaders of the CPC, namely Chen Duxiu, Qu Qiubai, Xiang Zhongfa, Li Lisan, Wang Ming and Bo Gu come to and go out of power? How about their political and life fate after they went out of power? ◎In the beginning, the history didn't favor Mao Zedong. He was removed from his post and criticized several times. He underwent an arrest and several serious disasters. How did he rise proudly in the situation of the times and the Party struggles? ◎Qu Qiubai's secret talk with Borodin in Mount Lu, the original recorded conversation of Zhou Enlai, Zhang Wentian and Bo Gu about Lu Futan's failing to become the general secretary, "Triumvirate", "AB Group" and the arguments and struggles among the senior leaders, what are the ins and outs of these major events in the early stage of the CPC which are seldom known by people? ...

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历史选择了毛泽东 The (History Chose Mao Zedong)
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