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cover image of The Wolf And The 7 Young Kids

The Wolf And The 7 Young Kids

Tales from the Grimm Brothers

by Liz Doolittle


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This is the magic story THE WOLF AND THE 7 YOUNG KIDS told in rhymes for your delight.The beautiful illustrations will be found inside the book.Enjoy the reading!Once, seven young kids and a mother goat did live; They were white and fluffy and liked to share and give. Their mother wanted to go to the market one day; she told them to be careful while she was away. "Don't open the door for anyone but me; I have heard there's a wolf around, you see. He might disguise himself and tell lies; so you must check with your ears and your eyes." The kids were behaved when she had gone; And little by little their chores were done. Now the wolf was watching them since dawn; he had been in and out of their lawn. How delicious were these little kids to eat, they were such a yummy, snack time treat! Suddenly there came a knock on the door; Just one knock then it became four. "Who is it?" the little kids paused to ask. "It is I, your mother. Have you finished your task?" "You're not our mother your voice is too rough; she doesn't sound that tough!" The wolf crept away from the little door; he would change his voice and more. He ate some gingered candy to sound sweet; For those little kids he couldn't wait to eat! He knocked on the door with a sweet voice to ask: "It is I, your mother. Have you finished your task?" One little kid looked under the door and saw; the large and clawed bad wolf's paw. "He's not our mother; it's the wolf in disguise, We have to check with our ears and eyes." "Go away, wolf, never come back, Our mother's softer hands, you lack!" The wolf huffed and went away. determined to eat the little goats today. He stole a lot of cotton to keep his paws; and he used the cotton to hide his claws. He knocked on the door once more; he used the soft voice he had used before. The kids looked at his paws as well; It was their mother, they could tell. The wolf pounced in and ate them one by one; He didn't count how so he thought he was done. But there was one more kid he didn't get to eat; she was hiding under a cabinet, right beside his feet. The mother came home and cried out; Her house and the things were strewn about. The littlest kid came out from where she hid; "Mother, mother, we did what you bid. The wolf had your voice and had your paws; he had hidden his sharp fangs and claws." The mother goat searched for the wolf that day; And she saw him sleeping at the end of the bay. She quickly grabbed a needle and thread; and hoped her other kids were not dead. The mother goat cut the wolf's stomach wide; and found that her kids were still alive inside! She took some rocks and stitched it back; the wolf was now heavier than the heaviest sack. He woke up angry, and he wanted to eat her too; But the rocks made him uneven and off the cliff he flew! The mother and her kids were once more complete; as no one had ever done such a feat. They lived happy and were safe once more; after all, that was what family was for! And the moral of this story is: :It is always good to be obedient to what your parents will ask of you. Don't allow strangers to enter your house right away. They might look nice but it is always good to be sure! Download your copy today!

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Tales from the Grimm Brothers


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Liz Doolittle (Author)

My name is Liz Doolittle. My mission in life is to create children's books that are engaging, funny, and inspirational for kids of all ages. Hopefully even for adults who secretly never grew up and keep cultivating "the child within". I am the hap...

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The Wolf And The 7 Young Kids
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