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The Cat and Mouse in Partnership

The Cat and Mouse in Partnership

Tales from the Grimm Brothers

by Liz Doolittle


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This is the magic story of Cinderella told in rhymes for your delight.The beautiful ilustrations will be found inside the book.Enjoy the reading!There once was a cat and a mouse; who lived in an old, old house. The cat wanted to be the mouse's friend; so on each other they could depend. The mouse was doubtful at first; as he was fearing the worst. He heard it was difficult befriend a cat; that they could betray mice just like that. But the cat was persistent and was very good; he even said they could share food. See, winter was coming and they had to save; Save for food so that they wouldn't crave. The mouse relented and friends they became; they even called each other by name. They helped each around the house; such an odd friendship for a cat and a mouse. By chance they came upon a pot full of butter; and the smell made their stomachs flutter. The cat announced: "We must keep this pot; and this will be good for us there's a lot." They kept the pot inside a church down the street; So in harsh snowstorms there'd be something to eat. The pot was stored under the altar; hidden away, So they'd be ready to share it one day. Every day the cat thought about the butter in the pot; he thought about eating some even if he should not. One day he could take it no longer; The urge to be a little selfish was getting stronger. "I'm going to visit my friend;" he lied, "You see, he needs me by his side." The mouse nodded, understanding as could be; "I can guard the house, leave it to me." The cat licked the butter but only a bit; he couldn't' be found or mouse would have a fit. So cat went home, now content; and the mouse asked how it went. "Oh it went well;" the cat replied; And the mouse did not know he had lied. The next day the cat wanted to have more; He was now more selfish than ever before. "Friend, I will be visiting my sister today; Please watch over the house if you may." The mouse nodded and said okay, he had kept the house tidy day after day. The cat finished what remained in the pot; he ate it all and that was a lot! He felt better not sharing to mouse; who, sadly, was left all alone in the house. "Let's eat the butter," mouse said one night; he imagined eating it in delight. There was no more food left at all; in the bowls or cupboards tall. The cat nodded and agreed; to tell the mouse- there was no need. The mouse would see it empty with his eyes; For the cat, the butter was his prize. "Cat, you promised we'd share! To eat it on your own, you'd dare?" The cat did not feel guilty at all; Sharing the butter was not in his call. "Oh shush, little mouse; it was enough for me, I've been eating it without you, so you see. Now I'm hungry again, I will eat you too; I have been never a good friend to you!" And the moral of this story is: Trust does not come in easy. But when you gain someone's trust, you don't betray them for your selfish interests. If you make a deal with someone, keep your end of the bargain to be trustworthy. Sharing is caring also, if you make friends, it means you care enough for them that you share and not do anything to hurt them.

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Tales from the Grimm Brothers


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Liz Doolittle (Author)

My name is Liz Doolittle. My mission in life is to create children's books that are engaging, funny, and inspirational for kids of all ages. Hopefully even for adults who secretly never grew up and keep cultivating "the child within". I am the hap...

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The Cat and Mouse in Partnership
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