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cover image of Rumplestiltskin


Tales from the Grimm Brothers

by Liz Doolittle


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This is the magic story of Rumplestiltskin told in rhymes for your delight.The beautiful illustrations will be found inside the book.Enjoy the reading!A miller had a daughter who was very fair; he liked to spread stories without a care. Saying his daughter could spin straw into gold; this was indeed a story that was very bold. The story happened to reach the king; and he wanted to see everything. But the story was actually just a lie; and the poor maiden began to cry. She was therefore brought into a room; filled with straw and she felt gloom. She had to finish with the rising of the sun; Oh, if only she could just escape and run! The king decreed that she should die; if he ever found out it was all a lie. As she cried there came a voice: "Maiden fair, I give you a choice! I will spin all your straw into gold; But I need something that you hold." "I do have nothing at all to give; but grant my wish to help me live." "Your first born child is what I'll get; So don't you worry, don't you fret." "I'll never have a child," she thought; she promised but it didn't mean a lot. The little man set off to work all night long; while he hummed a very strange song. The golden straw in the room began to fill; for the price of the ring as this was his will. The king returned when the sun was high; and all the gold twinkled in his eye. Surely this maiden was one of a kind; now a bride was what he had in mind. He married her and she was now queen; certainly the fairest the land had ever seen. She gave birth to a baby boy after a year; and the little man came back: oh, such fear! "Please don't take now my son away; I'll do anything to make him stay." "I give you three days to guess my name; Queen, you'll never win this game!" She was worried to lose her son; but now the game had begun. She took walks and read all names; this was the cruelest of all games! But one night she heard a strange song; something she hadn't heard in so long. "Tomorrow for sure I will have the child; no one knows the name I've styled". The queen will never win this game; for Rumplestiltskin is my name!" The queen's heart beat very fast; She had found out his name at last! The little man went back on the third day; He was then ready to take the baby away. "Is your name Eustace? Jigger or Crocket? Hortense? Pinkney, Olwin or Dockett?" Rumplestiltskin laughed very aloud; "You'll never guess, I am so proud!" "But wait, I will win this cruel game; for Rumplestiltskin is your name!" "Someone has told you, this be true!"; he kicked the ground and was torn in two! The queen and her son were safe at last; because the evil promise was not cast! And the moral of this story is: Try not to be greedy. Of course, you'll always want something you can't have right away, but the trick here is to be thankful for what you have. Also, avoid making stories up. It will land you and others in trouble. Be honest!

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Tales from the Grimm Brothers


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Liz Doolittle (Author)

My name is Liz Doolittle. My mission in life is to create children's books that are engaging, funny, and inspirational for kids of all ages. Hopefully even for adults who secretly never grew up and keep cultivating "the child within". I am the hap...

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