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This is the magic story of Iron John told in rhymes for your delight.The beautiful illustrations will be found inside the book.Enjoy the reading!There once was indeed a great King, and hunting was his favorite thing. One day he sent a hunter out for deer, he didn't come back and this was queer. The king sent out more but they never returned, the forest was banned-and a lesson was learned. Sometime later suddenly came a wandering man, he wanted to seek real truth and he had a plan. Armed with his courage and his dog, he came across as a creepy bog. As soon as his dog ran near the lake, an arm stretched out, the dog to take. The hunter returned to the king, and many soldiers did he bring. They all took turns to drain the lake, because so much was at stake. Beneath the lake was a man who looked wild, he was caged so he could harm no adult or child. The king had a son that was still too small, And he played with his favorite golden ball. His ball bounced for where the wild man was, this frightened him and made him pause. "Prince, I will return your ball if you set me free, just go and find whoever holds the key." The prince was afraid but wanted his ball, to risk his parents trust and take the fall. went into the queen's room and took the key, and afterwards he set the wild man free! "My name is Iron John," the wild man said, "And now your father will have your head." "Please take me now with you, good sir. My father's wrath I do not want to incur. " So they escaped to the forest deep, asking the prince for a well to keep. Anything that touched the well turned gold. The prince was to do what he was told. The prince at first did as he was told, Careful not to turn anything into gold. But then he admired the water so clear, and his long hair was placed very near. In that fashion turned into gold his long hair, and Iron John turned him away without care. But before he made the prince go away, he had something very important to say. "Call my name three times when you are in need, But only as long as this is for a good deed." The young prince set out for another land, and he then became a gardener's hand. The young prince was ashamed of his hair; Therefore he did not want anyone to stare. He kept to himself and worked hard very poor, never calling for Iron John until he was sure. Now upon this kingdom there came a war, he called for Iron John's name even he was far. He called for strength and a mighty steed, and he won the feat with this heroic deed! The king rewarded the young prince with a bride, his golden hair he no longer had to hide. Iron John then visited the young prince, Whose face and hair had cleaned up since. For Iron John was placed under a curse, and every cruel act by others made it worse. But then kind acts of the prince finally set him free, Because a pure heart was Iron John's only key! And the moral of this story is: Obey your elders. Even if you feel that there are things you want to do on your own. Elders who care for you only want the best for you, so think twice before you act just because you want to do it.

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UNITEXTO Digital Publishing 
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Tales from the Grimm Brothers


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Liz Doolittle (Author)

My name is Liz Doolittle. My mission in life is to create children's books that are engaging, funny, and inspirational for kids of all ages. Hopefully even for adults who secretly never grew up and keep cultivating "the child within". I am the hap...

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Iron John
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