Sora and Google Classroom

Sora and Google Classroom

Google Classroom helps over 150 million educators and students worldwide teach and learn. Learn how using the Sora Google Classroom add-on makes it even easier for educators and students to access books they need for literacy achievement.

​Plus, discover how back-end integration between Sora and Google Classroom expands the reach of your ebooks and audiobooks, maximizing impact on reading and learning.


How Google Classroom add-ons work

Search your school’s Sora collection and attach titles to Google Classroom assignments, all in one place.

Once the Sora Google Classroom add-on is installed, you can seamlessly log in to your school’s ebook and audiobook collection, browse titles and attach title links directly to assignments – all without leaving Google Classroom!

Learn more about how add-ons work for Admins and Teachers from the Google Classroom Help Center.

Get started with the Sora add-on

It’s easy to get started and become a champion for literacy.​ Classroom add-ons are available with the Teaching & Learning Upgrade or Google Workspace for Education Plus editions.

Install the add-on

Your Google Classroom admin can pre-install add-ons for all authorized users, or allowlist specific add-ons for educators to install.

Sign into the Sora add-on

Once the Sora add-on has been installed, you can use it to log in to your school’s Sora collection.

Browse & attach titles

Use the add-on to browse the most popular books in your school’s collection, search for titles and attach title links directly to assignments.

Contact your school's Google Classroom admin to learn more.

More Ways to Share

More Ways to Share

Sora’s integration with Google Classroom isn’t limited to the Classroom add-on. Sora partners can also share titles directly to Google Classroom using OverDrive Marketplace, our shopping and administrative portal.

Authorized educators can sign into Marketplace* and leverage Google Classroom integration to:

  • share title assignments
  • share title detail pages
  • share curated collection links

Plus, you’ll enjoy streamlined access to admin tools like the student dashboard, curation and more.

Contact your Sora team or to learn how to get started with Marketplace.