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Scary Movie 5

Malcolm Lee Director

Opposite Day

R. Michael Givens Director

Step Dogs

Dylan Schmid Actor
Eliana Jone Actor

According to Greta

Nancy Bardawil Director

Walt Before Mickey

Khoa Le Director
Armando Gutierrez Writer of accompanying material

As Dreamers Do

Logan Sekulow Director
Logan Sekulow Producer

Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master

Gangliang Fang Director
Jiang Ping Director

Adventures of a Teenage...

Andrew Lauer Director
Ryil Adamson Producer

The Little Princess

Walter Lang Director
Shirley Temple Actor

Song One

Kate Barker-Froyland Director
Jonathan Demme Producer

Soccer Mom

Emily Osment Director
Missi Pyle Director

The Open Road

Michael Meredith Director

Summer Eleven

Adam Arkin Actor
Valerie Mahaffey Actor

The Saddle Club: Adventures...

The Saddle Club (Series)

Chris Martin-Jones Director

Princes of the Palace

Alan Byron Director
Alan Byron Writer of accompanying material

The Saddle Club: The First...

The Saddle Club (Series)

Chris Martin-Jones Director

When I Find The Ocean

Tonya S. Holly Director
Tonys S. Holly Producer

Home Run Showdown

Matthew Lillard Actor
Dean Cain Actor

Touched by Grace

Donald Leow Director
Chris Craddock Writer of accompanying material

Unlikely Angel

Michael Switzer Director
Dolly Parton Performer

Only When I Dance

Beadie Finzi Director
Irlan Santos da Silva Actor


Ricardo Trogi Director
Jean-Carl Boucher Actor

Hanna's Gold

Joel Souza Director

Shirin in Love

Ramin Niami Director
Karen Robson Producer

Country Crush

Andrew Cymek Director
Jana Kramer Actor

All Hallows' Eve

Lexi Giovagnoli Actor
Ashley Argota Actor

Nancy Drew...Reporter

Kenneth Gamet Director
Carolyn Keene Director

Wiener Dog Nationals

Morgan Fairchild Actor
Jason London Actor

Junior High Spy

Christopher Fazio Actor
Mikayla Ottonello Actor


John Dunson Director
Bruce Furst Producer

Foreign Letters

Ela Their Director
Dalena Le Actor

My Sucky Teen Romance

Emily Hagins Director
Devin Bonnée Actor


Dominique Standaert Director
Kalomba Mbuyi Actor

The Blue Butterfly

Lea Pool Director

Beneath the Blue

Paul Wesley Actor
Caitlin Wachs Actor

Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega

Cosmo Segurson Director

Biz Kid$, Season 2, Episode 9

Biz Kid$ (Series)

Biz Kid$ LLP Producer

Christmas Grace

Keith Perna Director
Keith Perna Writer of accompanying material

Sunday School Musical

Rachel Lee Goldenberg Director
Chris Chatman Actor

JT: Reflections

Stephen Rocha Director
Stephen Rocha Author

Ghost Trap

Christopher Fazio Actor
Ciara O'Hanlon Actor


Sue Shearing Actor
Tom Bonnington Actor

Get a Life!

Get a Life (Series)

Sound Venture International Producer

Biz Kid$, Season 1, Episode 1

Biz Kid$ (Series)

Biz Kid$ LLP Producer

My Name Is Emily

Simon Fitzmaurice Director
Evanna Lynch Actor

Biz Kid$, Season 1, Episode 2

Biz Kid$ (Series)

Biz Kid$ LLP Producer

Biz Kid$, Season 1, Episode 3

Biz Kid$ (Series)

Biz Kid$ LLP Producer

Wild Horse Hank

Eric Hill Director
Linda Blair Actor