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The Giver

Phillip Noyce Director
Jeff Bridges Producer

Ghost in the Shell

Richard Epcar Actor
Christopher Joyce Actor

Short Circuit

John Badham Director
Ally Sheedy Actor


Michael Anderson Director

My Little Pony: Equestria...

Ishi Rudell Director
Lauren Faust Writer of accompanying material

Ghost in the Shell 2.0

Ghost in the Shell (Series)

Mamoru Oshii Director

Battle Royale

Kinji Fukasaku Director

The Philadelphia Experiment

Paul Ziller Director

The Colony

Laurence Fishburne Actor
Bill Paxton Actor

Dragon Age

Felicia Day Author
Greg Aronowitz Producer


Lars von Trier Director
Kirsten Dunst Actor

Upside Down

Juan Diego Solanas Director
Claude Leger Producer

10.0 Earthquake

Henry Ian Cusick Actor
David Chokachi Actor

The Congress

Ari Folman Director

Sharknado 3

Anthony C. Ferrante Director
Tara Reid Actor

The Rig

Peter Atencio Director


Christian Alvart Director

The Man from Earth

Richard Schenkman Director

Nessie & Me

Jim Wynorski Director
Joe Gaudin Producer

Night of the Living Dead

George A. Romero Director
Duane Jones Actor

Apollo 18

Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego Director

Caroline and the Magic Potion

Virginia CuriĆ” Director
Pancho Casal Producer

Capricorn One

Peter Hyams Director

Dark Skies

Scott Stewart Director

The Last Days On Mars

Ruairi Robinson Director
Liev Schreiber Actor

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens

Anthony C. Ferrante Director
Thunder Levin Writer of accompanying material

Dead Leaves

Kerry Anderson Actor
Keith Burgess Actor

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Edward D. Wood, Jr. Director

The Land That Time Forgot

C. Thomas Howell Director
C. Thomas Howell Actor

H.G. Wells' War Of The Worlds

David Michael Latt Director
C. Thomas Howell Actor

Howard Lovecraft and the...

Michelle O'Reilly Director
Sean O'Reilly Producer

John Dies at The End

Don Coscarelli Director
Chase Williamson Actor


Dennis Quaid Actor
Max von Sydow Actor

The Mystery Beneath

Magnus Egler Director
Dennis Asberg Actor

Ghost in the Shell: Stand...

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Series)

Book 9

Richard Epcar Actor
Crispin Freeman Actor

Mr. Nobody

Jaco Van Dormael Director
Jared Leto Actor


Gareth Edwards Director
Whitney Able Actor


Declan O'Brien Director

Europa Report

Sebastian Cordero Director
Christian Camargo Actor

Highlander, Season 6

Highlander (Series)

Dennis Berry Director


Kaare Andrews Director

Highlander, Season 5

Highlander (Series)

Dennis Berry Director

Super Shark

Fred Olen Ray Director


Julien Leclercq Director

10,000 Days

John Schneider Actor
Peter Wingfield Actor

The Last Man on Earth

Ubaldo B. Ragona Director
Samuel Z. Arkoff Producer

Mystery Science Theater 3000:...

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Series)

Michael J. Nelson Actor
Trace Beaulieu Actor

Ghost Machine

Chris Hartwill Director