How to Read a Person Like a Book

Gerard I. Nierenberg Author
Henry H. Calero Author

The Penguin Freud Reader

Penguin Classics (Series)

Adam Phillips Editor
Sigmund Freud Author

The New Epicureans

Thomas Moore Author
Thomas Moore Narrator

Introduction to Psychology

Schaum's Outlines (Series)

Arno F. Wittig Author


Jay Carter Author

Help Kids Cope with Stress &...

Caron B. Goode Author
Thomas Goode Author

How to Pass Advanced Aptitude...

Jim Barrett Author

A Life in Pieces

Richard K. Baer Author

Depression and How to Survive It

Anthony Clare Author
Spike Milligan Author

Descartes' Error

Antonio Damasio Author

Emotional Rollercoaster

Claudia Hammond Author


Big Ideas (Series)

Susie Orbach Author

The Naked Ape

Desmond Morris Author


Kevin Dutton Author

Happy Adults

Cathy Glass Author

Behavior Disorders

Herb Marlow Author

I'm Ok, You're Ok

Thomas A. Harris Author

Beat Depression with...

Andrew Vass Author

The Monster Within

Cynthia Rowland McClure Author

The Psychology Book

DK Author

The Self Illusion

Bruce Hood Author

Mindfulness for Life

Stephen McKenzie Author
Craig Hassed Author

Inside Out

Louise Dorrian Author

Let IT Go

Dame Stephanie Shirley Author
Richard Askwith Author

"Why Does He Do That?" "Why...

Paula Bloom Author
Reef Karim Author

More How to Win at Aptitude...

Liam Healy Author

Creating the Intimate Connection

Daniel Beaver Author

Love Yourself

Daniel Beaver Author


Ben Ambridge Author

The small BIG

Steve J. Martin Author
Noah Goldstein Author

La ciencia de los cínicos

Eduardo Salles Author

Screen-Smart Parenting

Jodi Gold Author
Tory Burch Author of introduction, etc.

More Than Just Sex

Daniel Beaver Author

On the Move

Oliver Sacks Author

Ultimate Psychometric Tests

Ultimate (Series)

Mike Bryon Author

Ultimate Aptitude Tests

Ultimate (Series)

Jim Barrett Author

The Voices Within

Charles Fernyhough Author

Emotional Agility

Susan David Author

In a Different Key

John Donvan Author
Caren Zucker Author

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy...

Practical Guide (Series)

Clair Pollard Author
Elaine Iljon Foreman Author

Invisible Influence

Jonah Berger Author

This Is Not a Diet Book

Bee Wilson Author
Karen Cass Narrator

Psych Experiments

Michael A Britt Author

Deshaciendo errores

Michael Lewis Author
Roberto Falcó Miramontes Translator

Stick with It

Sean Young Author

A Macat Analysis of Nudge:...

The Macat Library (Series)

Richard Thaler Author
Cass Sunstein Author