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Tall Order

Peh Shing Huei Author

Discrete Mathematics

R C Penner Author

Dynamical Scale Transform in...

Tsuyoshi Kato Author

Economic Behavior and Legal...

Lars Werin Author

Electromagnetic Waves for...

Ernesto Mazzucato Author

Elementary Theory of Numbers

C Y Hsiung Author

Energy Studies

W Shepherd Author
D W Shepherd Author

Equilibrium Statistical Physics

Michael Plischke Author
Birger Bergersen Author

Ethnicities, Personalities...

Ching-hwang Yen Author

Fiber Optic Sensors Based on...

Banshi Dhar Gupta Author
Sachin Kumar Srivastava Author

Finite Element Methods for...

Roger T Fenner Author

First-Passage Phenomena and...

Ralf Metzler Editor
Gleb Oshanin Editor

Path Integrals in Quantum...

Hagen Kleinert Author

Physical Principles of...

David Blake Author
Robert Robson Author

Practical Guide to Computer...

Alexander K Hartmann Author

Problems and Solutions in...

Anton Z Capri Author

Problems and Solutions in...

Sergei Kruchinin Author

Quantitative Forecasting of...

A G D Emerson Author

Quantum Mechanics

Leslie E Ballentine Author

Quarks, Leptons and Gauge Fields

Kerson Huang Author


Moshe Carmeli Editor

Fundamentals of International...

Roger Hussey Author

Galois' Theory of Algebraic...

Jean-Pierre Tignol Author


Stephen Shmanske Author

Groups, Rings and Galois Theory

Victor P Snaith Author

Handbook of Neurology

Minoru Oishi Author

How Schrödinger's Cat Escaped...

Peter Rowlands Author


Boling Guo Author
Daiwen Huang Author

Integer Algorithms in...

Boris S Verkhovsky Author

Linear Algebra

Alain M Robert Author

Managing Supply Chain and...

Ling Li Author

Many-Body Theory Exposed!

Willem H Dickhoff Author
Dimitri Van Neck Author

Mathematical Tools in Signal...

Willi-Hans Steeb Author

Matrix Theory

David W Lewis Author


Wolfgang Maret Author

Modelling Coastal and Marine...

Phil Dyke Author

Modern Many-Particle Physics

Enrico Lipparini Author

New Dimensions of Economic...

Ramkishen S Rajan Editor
Rajiv Kumar Editor

Newtonian Electrodynamics

Peter Graneau Author
Neal Graneau Author

Nonrelativistic Quantum...

Anton Z Capri Author

Introduction to Cell Biology

John K Young Author

Introduction to Semiconductor...

Holger T Grahn Author

Introduction to the Quantum...

Jens P Dahl Author

Introductory Transport Theory...

Robert E Robson Author

Jacobians of Matrix...

A M Mathai Author

Language Testing and Evaluation

Desmond Allison Author

Lectures on Differential...

Su Buchin Author
K C Chang Translator

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics

Ashok Das Author