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(Re)constructing Gender in a...

Juliet Langman Editor

.NET 4 for Enterprise...

Sudhanshu Hate Author
Suchi Paharia Author

1 IET Wiring Regulations

Brian Scaddan Author

1-Dimensional Metal Oxide...

Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (Series)

Zainovia Lockman Editor

100 Cases in Dermatology

Rachael Morris-Jones Author
Ann-Marie Powell Author

100 Cases in Emergency...

100 Cases (Series)

Eamon Shamil Author
Praful Ravi Author

100 Cases in Paediatrics

100 Cases (Series)

Ronny Cheung Author
Aubrey Cunnington Author

100 Cases in Psychiatry

100 Cases (Series)

Barry Wright Author
Subodh Dave Author

100 Diagnostic Dilemmas in...

Kerry Layne Author

101 Case Studies in...

Len Holm Author

2-D Electromagnetic...

Alejandro D. Jimenez Author

2-mm Wave Band EPR...

V. I. Krinichnyi Author

20 Essential Games to Study

Joshua Bycer Author

21 CFR Part 11

Orlando López Author

24 Hour Primary Care

Chris Salisbury Author

24-Hour Cities

Hugh F. Kelly Author

2D Materials

Craig E. Banks Editor
Dale A. C. Brownson Editor

2D to VR with Unity5 and...

Roberto Dillon Author

300 Essential SBAs in Surgery

MasterPass (Series)

Kaji Sritharan Author
Samia Ijaz Author

3D Animation for the Raw...

Roger King Author

3d Automotive Modeling

Andrew Gahan Author

3D Bioprinting in...

CRC Press In Regenerative Engineering (Series)

Ali Khademhosseini Editor
Gulden Camci-Unal Editor

3D Game Environments

Luke Ahearn Author

3D Integration in VLSI Circuits

Devices, Circuits, and Systems (Series)

Katsuyuki Sakuma Editor

3D Math Primer for Graphics...

Fletcher Dunn Author
Ian Parberry Author

3D Origami Art

Jun Mitani Author

3D Printing

Rafiq Noorani Author

3D Technology in Fine Art and...

Bridgette Mongeon Author

3ds Max 8 Essentials

Autodesk Author

3ds Max 9 Essentials

Autodesk Author

3ds Max Basics for Modeling...

William Culbertson Author

3ds Max Modeling for Games

Andrew Gahan Author

4. Risk Reduction...

Engineering Tools for Environmental Risk Management (Series)

Katalin Gruiz Editor
Tamás Meggyes Editor

5G LTE Narrowband Internet of...

Hossam Fattah Author

5G Mobile Communications

Saad Asif Author

A Beginner's Guide to Image...

Intelligent Signal Processing and Data Analysis (Series)

Jyotismita Chaki Author
Nilanjan Dey Author

A Beginner's Guide to Using...

Pocket Guides to Biomedical Sciences (Series)

Saif Aldeen Saleh AlRyalat Author
Shaher Momani Author

A Bird Atlas of Kenya

Adrian Lewis Author

A Blue Carbon Primer

CRC Marine Science (Series)

Lisamarie Windham-Myers Editor
Stephen Crooks Editor

A Brief Survey of...

in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (Series)

Kaushik Majumdar Author

A Century of Excellence in...

David R. Lide Author

A Century of Geneticists

Krishna Dronamraju Author

A Century of X-Rays and...

R.F Mould Author

A Cognitive Approach to...

Sébastien Tremblay Author
Simon Banbury Editor

A Complete Guide to Portals...

Shailesh Kumar Shivakumar Author

A Complete MRCP(UK)

MasterPass (Series)

Shibley Rahman Author
Avinash Sharma Author

A Comprehensive Guide to...

Jithesh Sathyan Author
Anoop N. Author

A Computational Approach to...

Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science (Series)

Taylor Arnold Author
Michael Kane Author