Post-Crisis Perspectives

Óscar García Agustín Editor
Christian Ydesen Editor

Studies on Balkan and Near...

Rasim Yilmaz Editor
Günther Löschnigg Editor

Research on Cultural Studies

Mehmet Ali Icbay Editor
Hasan Arslan Editor


Margarethe Kusenbach Editor
Krista E. Paulsen Editor

Time and Space in Words and...

Burkhard Sauerwald Editor
Mario Dunkel Editor

Paradigms in Public Policy

Dolores Calvo Editor
Marcus Carson Editor

Renaissance Studies

Michael D. Morford Editor
Jennifer H. Finkel Editor

Sémiotique du mouvement

Jean-François Bonnot Editor
Sylvie Freyermuth Editor

Br(e)aking the News

Janey Gordon Editor
Paul Rowinski Editor

Italian American Cultural...

Francesca de Lucia Author

The Pilgrimage and Conversion...

David Jackson Author

Rise of the Early Roman Republic

Thomas L. Dynneson Author

A Very Special Life

Judith Tydor Baumel-Schwartz Author

Fairy tale interrupted

Allison Craven Author

Linguaggio e comicità

Sandra Covino Editor
Vincenzo Faraoni Editor

CIUTI-Forum 2013

Martin Forstner Editor
Nikolai K. Garbovskiy Editor

Political Animals

Alec Charles Author

Ideas and Identities

Jaci Eisenberg Editor
Davide Rodogno Editor

Information Society and its...

Borut Roncevic Editor
Matevž Tomšic Editor

International Law on...

Runyu Wang Author

Collections of Stained Glass...

Tim Ayers Editor
Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz Editor

The Sphinx and the Riddles of...

Sylvia Zwettler-Otte Editor

Australian Indigenous Studies

Terry Moore Author
Carol Pybus Author

Privatization Performance in...

Esra Kabaklarli Author

Developing Emotionally...

Dominique Rene Parrish Author

Consumer Satisfaction

Alessandro Maria Peluso Author

Money in the Modern World

Josef Jílek Author
Roman Matousek Author

Consequences of Informal...

Alexander Libman Author

The Fantasy of Reality

Rachel E. Silverman Editor

Luigi Ghirri and the...

Marina Spunta Editor
Jacopo Benci Editor

House of Lords Reform

Peter Raina Author

Postmigrant Club Cultures in...

Kira Kosnick Editor

Development by Free Trade?...

Gisela Baumgratz Editor
Khaled Chaabane Editor

Elites and Politics in...

Judit Pál Editor
Vlad Popovici Editor

Ahasuerus at the Easel

Tom Sandqvist Author

Contemporary Approaches in...

Hasan Arslan Editor
Mehmet Ali Içbay Editor

Facing ICT Challenges in the...

Zoran Levnajic Editor

The Essential Enthymeme

Jorge Juan Vega y Vega Editor

Gender Equality and Quality...

Marta Warat Editor
Ewa Krzaklewska Editor

The Reception of Subtitles...

Pablo Romero-Fresco Editor

Subtitles and Language Learning

Yves Gambier Editor
Annamaria Caimi Editor

Sexual Fantasies

Mariah Larsson Editor
Sara Johnsdotter Editor

Visuality in the Works of...

Corinna Reipen Author

Trumpets, Horns, and Bach...

Don Smithers Author

Representations of War in...

Jaroslaw Suchoples Editor
Richard Mason Editor

Translating Humour in...

Gian Luigi De Rosa Editor
Francesca Bianchi Editor

Sales Coaching by Benedict

Karl Herndl Author

In the Footsteps of the Old...

Klaudyna Michalowicz Translator
Agnieszka Rosales Rodríguez Author