The Teaching of Instrumental...

Richard Colwell Author
Michael Hewitt Author

The Legacy of Cornelius Cardew

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Musicological Identities

Jacqueline Warwick Author

Warrior, Courtier, Singer

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Critical Musicological...

Stan Hawkins Editor

Everyday Music Listening

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Global Repertoires

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Jazz and the Philosophy of Art

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Music and Orientalism in the...

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Networks of Music and Culture...

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Dance and Dancers in the...

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How High Should Boys Sing?

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François Couperin and 'The...

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Engaging in Community Music

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Lee Willingham Author

Nadia and Lili Boulanger

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Punk Pedagogies

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Mike Dines Editor

Schubert's Lieder and the...

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Understanding Mozart's Piano...

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The Performing Style of...

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Olivier Messiaen's System of...

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Messiaen the Theologian

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Vaughan Williams Essays

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Déodat de Séverac

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Messiaen Perspectives 2

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Beyond Jerusalem

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The Discourse of Musicology

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Changing the System

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Madonna's Drowned Worlds

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Between Baudelaire and Mallarmé

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A Brief History of Rock, Off...

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American Music Librarianship

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A Field Guide to Student...

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America's Songs

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Global Minstrels

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Alan Lomax

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Hollywood Theory,...

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Baroque Woodwind Instruments

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Edvard Grieg

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A Song for Europe

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Schubert Studies

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The Early Tudor Court and...

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Silence, Music, Silent Music

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The Bach Choir

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Treacherous Bonds and...

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Sonic Synergies

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Aspects of British Music of...

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The Rock Canon

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