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Set Your Voice Free

Roger Love Author
Donna Frazier Author

Play On

Mick Fleetwood Author
Anthony Bozza Author

Original Gangstas

Ben Westhoff Author
J. D. Jackson Narrator

Trouble Boys

Bob Mehr Author
Mary Lucia Narrator

Chuck D. Presents This Day in...

Chuck D. Author
Shepard Fairey Author of introduction, etc.


NOFX Author
Jeff Alulis Author

Signifying Rappers

David Foster Wallace Author
Mark Costello Author

America 51

Corey Taylor Author

Soul Survivor

Jimmy McDonough Author
J. D. Jackson Narrator

Jerry on Jerry

Dennis McNally Editor
Trixie Garcia Author of introduction, etc.

Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone Author
Alex Constancio Narrator

Jimmy Page

Chris Salewicz Author
Thomas McGairl Narrator

Our Band Could Be Your Life

Michael Azerrad Author
Various Narrators Narrator

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

David Browne Author
Kevin T. Collins Narrator

Celestial Bodies

Laura Jacobs Author
Tiffany Morgan Narrator