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Simon & Schuster UK Author

Untitled on FA

To Be Confirmed Author

By and By

Carole Boston Weatherford Author
Bryan Collier Illustrator


Jake Brennan Author

Hard to Handle

Steve Gorman Author
Steven Hyden Author

Korngold and His World

The Bard Music Festival (Series)

Daniel Goldmark Editor
Kevin C. Karnes Editor

Dancing Hands

Margarita Engle Author
Rafael López Illustrator

Cruel to Be Kind

Will Birch Author

The Italian Madrigal

Princeton Legacy Library (Series)

Alfred Einstein Author

When Giants Walked the Earth

Mick Wall Author

No Encore!

Drew Fortune Author

Music Theory For Dummies

Michael Pilhofer Author
Holly Day Author


John Clubbe Author

So Real It Hurts

Lydia Lunch Author


John Suchet Author

I Put a Spell on You

Steve Bergsman Author

Musiques populaires...

Jean-Marie Seca Author


Don Walker Author
Jimmy Barnes Author of introduction, etc.


Michael Kennedy Author
Julia Aries Author

I Just Can't Stop It

Ranking Roger Author
Daniel Rachel Author


Chris Schwartz Author
Ms. Lauryn Hill Author of introduction, etc.

On the Road and Off the...

Charlie Harmon Author
Harold "Hal" Prince Author of introduction, etc.

Living Ethnomusicology

Margaret Sarkissian Author
Ted Solis Author

William S. Burroughs and the...

Casey Rae Author

Songs of America

Jon Meacham Author
Tim McGraw Author

Zoltan Kodaly

Routledge Music Bibliographies (Series)

Michael Houlahan Author
Philip Tacka Author

Acordes de guitarra flamenco...

Antonio Zarco Abellán Author

The Lark Ascending

Richard King Author


Alan B. Krueger Author

More Fun in the New World

John Doe Author
Tom DeSavia Author

Up Jumped the Devil

Bruce Conforth Author
Gayle Dean Wardlow Author

Andrea Bocelli--Si Songbook

Andrea Bocelli Other

Five Years Ahead of My Time

Reverb (Series)

Seth Bovey Author

Why Karen Carpenter Matters

Music Matters (Series)

Karen Tongson Author

The Beatles

The Beatles Other

Finding God in the Devil's Music

Alex DiBlasi Editor
Robert McParland Editor

Remember the Time

Bill Whitfield Author
Javon Beard Author

Anoche un DJ me salvó la vida

Bill Brewster Author
Frank Broughton Author

Folk Music and the New Left...

Michael Scott Cain Author

Everybody Dance

Susana Monteagudo Author
Marta Colomer - Tutticonfetti Author

Sonny's Bridge

Barry Wittenstein Author
Keith Mallett Illustrator

Sir Elton

Philip Norman Author

Listen Up!

Mark Howard Author
Chris Howard Author

Forever and Ever, Amen

Randy Travis Author
Ken Abraham Author

How Shostakovich Changed My Mind

Stephen Johnson Author

Begin the Begin

Robert Dean Lurie Author

Italian Rhapsody. L'avventura...

Antonio Pellegrini Author

Nightingales in Berlin

David Rothenberg Author