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Nancy Hart Author

Ruby Smart Meets The Class Bully

Renee Grant-kane Author

The Trouble with Skateboarding

Chris Ashley Author

Crickets on the Moon

Paul Dorin Author

The Connors Family

Karen Poza Author

Buttons & Zippers

Franklin H. PĂ©rez Author
Harvey Bunda Illustrator


Barbara A. Strachan Author

Savior in the Blue Mermaid


The Secret of MeadowBrook...

Dc Johnson Author
Ron Rowan Author

The Brandon Chronicles

Charmeljun Gallardo Author

The Aussie Time Travellers...

Janice Corr Author

The Net Warriors

Lindsey R. Hall Author

Mystery at Pirate's Cove

Elizabeth Deese Author
Anna Smith Illustrator

The Refuge

Marilyn Maple Author

Star of Mirp

B.G. Hopkins Author

Will the Forest Be Saved

James Madsen Author

Keeper of the Arts

Jackie Grant Miller Author

What Was Her Destiny?

Angela Wamimbi Author

Sasquatch Superstar

Lyle Hanson Author

Allen and the Hunt for Sasquatch

Keighley James Author

The Spirit of Christmas

Roger Beswick Author

The Cosmic Warrior

Michael J. Persons Author

Mortimer and the Powerful Sword

Kevin Kurtz Author

Joey Helps Grandma

Patricia Nichvolodoff Author
Shannen Marie Paradero Illustrator

The Journey of Little Eagle

Nancy D. Smith Author

Egmont Passage

Antonino Fabiano Author

Paw Valley Drake's Darkness

JoAnne B. Pettry Author

Vampire in the House!

Raymond Van Zleer Author

Four Horsemen

Ernie Minera Author


Alison Davis Lyne Illustrator

Runaway Fever

Monique Edwards Author

More Herman's Adventures

Carol Hinkelman Author
Nan Rebik Author

Chubby Wubbles

M. J. Abrams Author

The Herman Chronicles

Carole Hinkelman Author
Nan Rebik Author

Highway Surfing

Timothy Potter Author

Luke and His Hearing-Ear Dog,...

Andrea J. Zoll Author
Arlene J. Garcia Illustrator

Paddles the Flying Penguin

Kirk A. Hackenburg Author

The Town of Rhyme

Royce Emley Author

The Treasure of Assateague...

Frank Stringfellow Author

A Heartbeat Away

Rebecca Cohn Author

Arc of Light

Linda Jane Roberts Author

Betsy's Destiny

Richard F. Bernard Author

The Owl That Couldn'T Fly

Kathryn Orobosa-Ogbeide Author

God Made My Butt Big

Barbi L. Bishop Illustrator
Crystal L. Du Bios Illustrator

The Story About Tee Low

Karen Burkinshaw Hoffman Author

Little Bear'S Adventure

Alice B. Jempsa Author

Freddie, Bill and Irving

Kate Shannon Illustrator
Paul Bennett Author

What Can Boorotter Do?

Jason D. Ashton Author