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Crazy Comix

Rafin Mazumder Author

The Howling Himalayan and...

Angela DeFina Author

Its Free to Be Nice

Andrew A. Fludd Author

Roo and His New Habitat

Sajni Vederey Author

Mykal Elyot

Suni Blue Author

Lance in the Search for the...

Gerry Noel Author

Chronicles of Tah

Ramin E. Hamidi Author

Short Stories by Teens for Teens

Mary Peter Author

Bouncing to the Future

Miss Gomez's 5th Grade Class of 2016 Author

Kid Kool and the Golden Rules

Chris Williams Author

Kelly Bean . . . Jelly Bean

J. F. Dargon Author

Doozy the Lonely Firefly

Charlotte K. Brummett Author

From Grass to Grace

Patrick Mbu Arrey Author

We Saw China

Esther Zaretsky Author
Windel Eborlas Illustrator

Bobby's Bully

Jacqueline Watkins Author
Daniel Majan Illustrator

A Lesson Learned

Rina 'Fuda' Loccisano Author
Ronie Pios Illustrator

The Goats Coat

Kathy Ellis Author
Shannen Marie Paradero Illustrator

Dorie'S Day at the Beach

Frances Espanol Illustrator
Carol Marin Author

Crossing Over

Royal Grandison Author

A Murder of Crows

Phillip Colasessano Author

Uncle Jeff's Fairy Tale...

Jeff Hockenheimer Author
Amnee Jarushi Illustrator

Gogo Goes to the Library

Sunil Prabhu Author

PJ Finds a Friend at the Park

Marilyn Gonzalez Author

"Claudia's Discovery"

K. C. Waters Author
Salvador Capuyan Illustrator

LETS PRETEND with Emma Mae

Sandy Brubaker Author

My Dear Friend From Up Above

Royal Grandison Author

Bad Luck Unstoppable!

Keyon Patterson Author

"I'll Do It All Tomorrow"

Marie McGifford Author

Landon, the Superhero of the...

Titus Andrew M. Bonifacio Author

The Night Blanket

Catina Harris Author

The Big Old Brown Brick House

Artie Woodington Author

Prescott Red—On the Farm

Mary C. A. McNamara Author

Country Living

Donald Ball Author

Three Chubby Bears

Rene'e La Montagne Author
Craig Fairbert Illustrator

A Hippie Halloween

Mary Ann Hughes Author
Tyqeira Hughes Author

A Story of Todd Thomas Turner...

DW. Cantrell Author


Marguerite Keiffer Author

If I Was a…

Grampa Quigley Author
Michael R. Allen Illustrator

Katy Mcgrady Will You Please...

Helen Pound Author

Animal Austin

Rick Crumbley Author

Freddie, the Frumpy, Grumpy Frog

Martha Lee Brannock Author
Penny Flegal Illustrator

Tango with No Tail

Jill Matejka Author

Boyduck Goose

Harriet Lila Baker Author

Leopold the Mouse with Manners

Bonnie Nilsson Author

Life and Times of "Boomer"

Rose Holloway Author

Norah the Brightest Star

Michael L Montgomery Author

Kirti's Future

Marsha Franks Author
Elenei Rae Pulido Illustrator

Annie Mae

Ellie Weaver Author