Fortnite King

Zack Howell Parker Author

A Very Special Penguin

Claudia Toenies Author
Jane K. Bates Illustrator

The Spirit of Love

Sandra Brown Author
Caroline Keefer Author

Willy the Wiggly Worm

Lois Estes Author
Luke Butts Illustrator

Hi! I'm Natalie

Pat Taylor Author

The Adventures of Peanut, the...

Dr. Rose Larry P. Author

No Ordinary Science Fair

T. J. Lehr Author

Reading Comprehension Practice

Patsy Peek Author

I Am Awesome!

Scott A Hensley Author

Ari And The Dybbuk

Z.D. Jacobs Author

Cassandrita y los Sabios

Manuel Silva Escalera Author

Horse Dreams

Nancy Stevenson Author


Christy Howitt Author


Edward Reed Author

Abilene and the Magical Flower

Amy Stevens Author
Paige Ruroede Illustrator

Beverly Beaver's Hats

Joan Cofrancesco Author
Janine Bartolotti Author

Happy and Sad

Carol Lynn Holton Author
David Wesley Holton Illustrator

The Kitesurfing Kid

Adrian Straight Author
Natalie Schutt Author

Acorns and Other Stories

Dr. James Kennedy Author

Cloud the Snowman

Nez Trump Author

Golly Gee Gosh Dang It!

Amy Stevens Author
Paige Ruroede Illustrator

Mystery of the Stolen Pearl...

Annie R. Meade Author
Bailey M. Richards Author

The Prince and His Magical...

Stacey Downs Author


Art Manno Author

The Dull Crayon

Cristhal Carrero-Robinson Author
Michael Palma Illustrator

Freddie, the Frog

Rena Lotz Author

Under the African Sky

Mona Sehgal Author

As I See . . . By the Sea

Donna Borrelli Long Author
Eileen Daley Kelly Illustrator


Sharon L. Davis Author

Annabel's Ghost

Joyce Donelson Author

Frannie Fireball & Sally...

Jay Wilson Author

A Bilingual Adventure in...

Esra Ozdenerol Author

Ava Bava!

Nastassja Patmon Author

What Do You See?

Katrina Dodd Author
Bill Cope Illustrator

Happy Hoppy's Orchestra and...

Victoria Billingsley Author

The Snow Prince

L. W. Arrington Author

Who Are You Calling Little...

Susan Troutt Author

Finding the King

Marion Dawson Gunderson Author
Susan Shorter Illustrator

King Mork

Dr. Henry T Cutler Author
Tom Whitehouse Author

Maddie and Me

Mark Dill Author

The Little Girl Who Loves Music

Linda Charles Fishman Author

Grammie's Magical Garden

Judy Ann Gordon Author

"Because I'm a Pit Bull"

Renèe Washington Author

Reservists Rock!

Dwain Esper Illustrator
Captain Dunlap Author

Gymnastics Gina

Tracie Kilby Author
Irene Olds Illustrator

The Red Hills of Alabama

Barbara J. Belisle Author

Little A

John Chipley Author

The Adventurous Pigs

Denise Johnson Author