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Lolita between Adaptation and...

Anna Pilińska Author

From Word to Canvas

V. G. Julie Rajan Editor
Sanja Bahun-Radunović Editor

Singapore Radio

Bradley C. Freeman Author
Yokanathan Ramakrishnan Author

Small-Screen Shakespeare

Peter Cochran Author

The Many Worlds of Circus

Robert Sugarman Editor

The Paramilitary Hero on...

Berfin Emre Çetin Author

Emerson Goes to the Movies

Justyna Fruzińska Author

Five French Filmmakers

Bert Cardullo Author

Waves from the East

Bert Cardullo Editor

HBO's Girls

Despoina-Betty Kaklamanidou Editor
Margaret Tally Editor

Doubling the Duality

Fabia Ling-Yuan Lin Author

Travel Shadows by Justinus...

Harold B. Segel Editor

Art in Motion: Current...

Franck Boulègue Editor
Marisa C. Hayes Editor

Impossible Worlds, Impossible...

Melissa Beattie Editor
Ross P. Garner Editor

Pageants and Processions

Herman du Toit Editor

Radio and Society

Matt Mollgaard Editor

Pasolini, Fassbinder and Europe

Fabio Vighi Editor

Heroes, Monsters and Values

Michael Berman Editor
Rohit Dalvi Editor

Transgressing Women

Jamaluddin Aziz Author

Literary Readings of Billy...

Georges-Claude Guilbert Editor

Lucky Strikes and a Three...

Danielle M. Stern Editor
Jimmie Manning Editor


Johan Callens Editor