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The Death of WCW

WrestleCrap (Series)

R.D. Reynolds Author

The 100 Best Movies You've...

Richard Crouse Author

Between the Ropes

Brian Fritz Author

Bite Me!

Nikki Stafford Author

Ticket Masters

Dean Budnick Author
Josh Baron Author

The House That Hugh Laurie Built

Paul Challen Author

Wrestling Babylon

Irv Muchnick Author

Truly, Madly, Deadly

Becca Wilcott Author

The Pro Wrestling Hall of...

Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame series

Greg Oliver Author

Finding Lost

Nikki Stafford Author

World Wrestling Insanity

James Guttman Author

National Wrestling Alliance

Tim Hornbaker Author

Saving the World

Lynette Porter Author

Wrapped in Plastic

Andy Burns Author

Most Dramatic Ever

Pop Classics (Series)

Suzannah Showler Author