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The Complete Guide to...

Tony Attwood Author

Kids in the Syndrome Mix of...

Martin L. Kutscher Author
Tony Attwood Contributor

The Parents' Guide to...

Veronica Bidwell Author

Teaching Pre-Employment...

Joanne Lara Author
Susan Osborne Author

Understanding Applied...

Albert J. Kearney Author

Reframe Your Thinking Around...

Holly Bridges Author

ADHD--Living without Brakes

Martin L. Kutscher Author

Theory of Mind and the Triad...

Olga Bogdashina Author

Gifted Children

Kate Distin Author

Teaching Children with Autism...

Christy Magnusen Author
Tony Attwood Author of introduction, etc.

Dyslexia Advocate!

Kelli Sandman-Hurley Author

The Verbal Behavior Approach

Mary Lynch Barbera Author
Tracy Rasmussen Contributor

Learning without School

Ross Mountney Author

Different Minds

Deirdre V Lovecky Author

Toilet Training and the...

Eve Fleming Author
Lorraine MacAlister Author

Nurturing Personal, Social...

Debbie Garvey Author
Dr Suzanne Zeedyk Author of introduction, etc.

Autism Movement Therapy (R)...

Joanne Lara Author
Keri Bowers Contributor

Can I tell you about Down...

Can I tell you about...? (Series)

Elizabeth Elliott Author
Manjit Thapp Illustrator

Creating Inclusion and...

Linda Goldman Editor
Kyle Schwartz Contributor

The Big Book of EVEN MORE...

Lindsey Joiner Author

Seeing Through New Eyes

Stephen M. Edelson Author of introduction, etc.
Melvin Kaplan Author

Communication Skills for...

Pat Petrie Author

Can I tell you about Sensory...

Sue Allen Author
Mike Medaglia Illustrator

The School of Wellbeing

Jenny Hulme Author
Nicky Cox Contributor

Why Do I Have To?

Luisa Montaini-Klovdahl Illustrator
Laurie Leventhal-Belfer Author

Challenges to the Human...

Krystine Donato Contributor
Orville Endicott Author of introduction, etc.

College for Students with...

Pavan John Antony Editor
Stephen M. Shore Editor

Self-fulfilment with Dyslexia

Margaret Malpas Author

Understanding Dyscalculia and...

Jane Emerson Author
Patricia Babtie Author

Being Me (and Loving It)

Naomi Richards Author
Julia Hague Author

Specific Learning...

Diana Hudson Author
Jon English Illustrator

Listening to Young Children,...

Alison Clark Author
Peter Moss Author of introduction, etc.

The Yellow Book of Games and...

Jayaraja Author
Erwin Tielemans Author

NLD from the Inside Out

Michael Brian Murphy Author


Gilles Trehin Author

Promoting Emotional Education

Innovative Learning for All (Series)

Frode Svartdal Contributor
Damian Spiteri Contributor

Turning Skills and Strengths...

Michelle Rigler Author
Amy Rutherford Author

Beating Dyspraxia with a Hop,...

Geoffrey Platt Author

Natural Curiosity

Lisa Carne Author
Alan Thomas Author of introduction, etc.

Implementing Restorative...

Margaret Thorsborne Author
Graham Robb Author of introduction, etc.

More Creative Coping Skills...

Bonnie Thomas Author

Selective Mutism In Our Own...

Cheryl Forrester Author
Carl Sutton Author

Our Brains Are Like Computers!

Joel Shaul Author

How to Make School Make Sense

Tony Attwood Author of introduction, etc.
Clare Lawrence Author

The Handbook of Gestalt Play...

Rinda Blom Author

Beating Boredom as the Secret...

Letitia Sweitzer Author

Teaching University Students...

Kim Draisma Author
Kimberley McMahon-Coleman Author