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On the Move

Educational Design and Technology in the Knowledge Society (Series)

Wanjira Kinuthia Editor
Stewart Marshall Editor

Growing Up Between Two Cultures

Research in Multicultural Education and International Perspectives (Series)

Farideh Salili Editor
Rumjahn Hoosain Editor

Urban Educational Leadership...

Educational Leadership for Social Justice (Series)

Jeffrey S. Brooks Editor
Melanie C. Brooks Editor

Women and Leadership around...

Women and Leadership (Series)

Susan R. Madsen Editor
Faith Wambura Ngunjiri Editor

The Concise APA Handbook

Paul Chamness Miller Author
Rachael Ruegg Author

Inclusive Practices and...

Educational Leadership for Social Justice (Series)

M. C. Kate Esposito Editor
Anthony H. Normore Editor

Struggling Readers Can Succeed

Literacy, Language and Learning (Series)

Nina L. Nilsson Editor
Sandra E. Gandy Editor

Assessment in Online and...

Selma Koç Editor
Xiongyi Liu Editor

A Chronicle of Echoes

Mercedes K. Schneider Author

Storybridge to Second...

Irma-Kaarina Ghosn Author

Putting it into Practice

Paula Jones Editor
Debbie Haydon Editor

Career Counseling Across the...

Issues in Career Development (Series)

Grafton T. Eliason Editor
Trisha Eliason Editor

Memory Practices and Learning

Åsa Mäkitalo Editor
Per Linell Editor

Contemporary Perspectives on...

Contemporary Perspectives in Early Childhood Education (Series)

Olivia Saracho Editor

E-Learning and Social Media

International Advances in Education: Global Initiatives for Equity and Social Justice (Series)

Elinor L. Brown Editor
Anna Krasteva Editor

Research in Learning and...

UCEA Leadership (Series)

Liz Hollingworth Editor
Arnold Danzig Editor

Using Past as Prologue

Research on African American Education (Series)

Dionne Danns Editor
Michelle A. Purdy Editor

Research on Technology Use in...

Research in Educational Diversity and Excellence (Series)

Tirupalavanam Ganesh Editor
Anna W. Boriack Editor

The Next Generation of Testing

The MARCES Book (Series)

Hong Jiao Editor
Robert W. Lissitz Editor

In the Service of Learning...

Vera L. Stenhouse Editor
Olga S. Jarrett Editor

Teaching Peace Through...

Peace Education (Series)

Laura FInley Editor
Joanie Connors Editor

Rebel Music

Critical Constructions: Studies on Education and Society (Series)

Priya Parmar Editor
Anthony J. Nocella II Editor

Exploring Issues of Diversity...

Contemporary Perspectives on Access, Equity, and Achievement (Series)

Ted N. Ingram Editor
Derek Greenfield Editor

Action Research

Applied Research in Education and the Social Sciences (Series)

Jerry W. Willis Editor

Principal 2.0

Matthew Militello Editor
Jennifer Friend Editor

Girls and Women in STEM

Research on Women and Education (Series)

Janice Koch Editor
Barbara Polnick Editor

Research on Course Management...

Perspectives in Instructional Technology and Distance Education (Series)

Angela D. Benson Editor
Andrew Whitworth Editor

Caring Leadership in...

Educational Leadership for Social Justice (Series)

Mary G. Green Author

Using Data in Schools to...

International Research on School Leadership (Series)

Alex J. Bowers Editor
Alan R. Shoho Editor

The Memory Hole

Fritz Fischer Author

Digital Curricula in School...

Research in Mathematics Education (Series)

Meg Bates Editor
Zalman Usiskin Editor

Educational Opportunity in...

Research in Education Policy: Local, National, and Global Perspectives (Series)

Sheneka M. Williams Editor
Ain A. Grooms Editor

Developing and Sustaining...

Adult Education Special Topics: Theory, Research and Practice in Lifelong Learning (Series)

Carrie J. Boden McGill Editor
Kathleen P. King Editor

Leadership and School Quality

Research and Theory in Educational Administration (Series)

Michael DiPaola Editor
Wayne K. Hoy Editor

The Classroom Teacher's...

Roger Pierangelo Author
George Giuliani Author

Critical Mathematics Education

Cognition, Equity & Society: International Perspectives (Series)

Paul Ernest Editor
Bharath Sriraman Editor

Leadership Learning for the...

Klaus Scala Editor
Ralph Grossmann Editor

Designing Problem-Driven...

Kay Kyeong-Ju Seo Editor
Debra A. Pellegrino Editor

Mathematics in Middle and...

Alexander Karp Author
Nicholas Wasserman Author

Teaching and Learning at a...

Michael Simonson Editor
Sharon Smaldino Editor

Reflecting the World

Mathew D. Felton-Koestler Author
Ksenija Simic-Muller Author

Improving Urban Schools

Contemporary Perspectives on Access, Equity, and Achievement (Series)

Mary Margaret Capraro Editor

Shifting to Fit

Educational Leadership for Social Justice (Series)

Carol A. Mullen Author
Kim Robertson Author

Conversations about Adult...

Adult Education Special Topics: Theory, Research and Practice in LifeLong Learning (Series)

Carrie J. Boden McGill Editor
Kathleen P. King Editor

The Skinny on Teaching

J. M. Anderson Author

Peace Jobs

Peace Education (Series)

David J. Smith Author

In Their Own Words

Jill Alexa Perry Editor
David Lee Carlson Editor

The Strangest Dream

Robbie Lieberman Author