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Annemarie Gairy Author

Connecting Comprehension...

Annika Hardy-Douglas Author

Live the World You Want

Clay Boland Jr. Author

Life Skills

Nancy Harper Author

Making the Transition to Home

Paul Furtaw Author

The Art of Friendly...

Shirley Brackett Mathey Author


Douglas E Myers Author

How To Cope With Unemployment...

Ronald D. Henderson Author

Eradicating Workplace Bullying

Ronald W. Holmes Ph.D. Author

An Introduction to Islamic...

Daniel (Ghasem) Akbari Author

Patent Your Idea

Ash Tankha Author
Lynn Bout Author

Todd's Search for a Friend

W. Bryant Lutz Author

Parenting Secrets

Susan Monson Author

Zionism Vs. the West

Jonas E. Alexis Author

Creative Cats' Musical Adventure

Sean Winburn Illustrator
Diane M. Dowda M.S. Author


Ernst Frankel Author


Ralph R. Hopkins Author

The Adventures of Spike &...

Magdalena Thomas Author


MS. C Author

Hercules the Mighty Steed...

W. Bryant Lutz Author

Uplifting Stories for Children

Antonio J. Borges Author

Daily Living God's Presence

Michele M. Gayle Author

Going Back to School with...

Diane K. Schweitzer PhD RN CSRM Author

My Kids, the Journey of a...

Carol Kelly Author


W.K. Hiram Author

Never Trust a...

Susan Fay Ryan Author

Generalized Fermat Equation

Ran Van Vo Author

Stuck in a Schmuck

Soledad Carrillo Author


Guthlac N. Kirk Anyalezu Author

On Innovation of Treatment...

BinWu Author
XuJie Author

A Comparative Study of...

Feifei Zhang Author


Bob Stewart Author

Born Small with a Big Purpose

Dr. Darnell Huntley Author

Monty the Best Dog Ever!

Aubrie Duval Illustrator
Barbara Norwood Author

Created in Their Image

Winelle J. Kirton-Roberts Author

About Learning and Education

Dr. Dawlat Bishara Author
Dr. Safwat Bishara Author

Betty and the Loaf-Of-Bread Sit

Marisa Wiens Author

Environment/Workforce for the...

Erwin P. Zeiter Author

Event Code Uncovered

Steve Canada Author

Matters of the Heart

Monica L. Marks Ph.D. Author

What Do You Think?

Joseph Olivieri Author

Capers Middle School Ii

Alvin Allen Author
Stephanie King Author

Inspiring the Youth of...

J Alex Ficarra Author

Jennifer Gets a New Smell

Carla O'Neill Author
Fionna O'Neil Illustrator

Improve Your English Skills...

Antony W. Khaemba Author

The Evolution of a Teacher

Don Edgers Author

Learning Shapes with Bun Bun

Donna Eastin Garrison Author

White Privilege and the Wheel...

Georgiana Preska Author