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My Brooklyn . . . Your Brooklyn

Kevin J. Leddy Author

A Simpler Place in Time

Shirley Hale Whitlow Author

Shattered Shells

Frederick G. Giel Author

From Harlem to Viet Nam and Back

Enoch Buckery Author

Mommy, What's That Number on...

Gloria Hollander Lyon Author

So Late, So Soon

Linda K. Anderson Author

The O. J. Simpson

Ronald Williams Author

Of Men, Monsters and Mazel

Marcel Tenenbaum Author

Wire Monkey

Lynne Bizell Author

Never Give Up Without a Fight

Lee Heiman Author

The Red Scarf

Jean Avelar Author

How I Suicided Not

Mary Weldon Author

Gypsy Wind Speaks

Coy Theobalt Author

Gang Member

Twenty-Five Author

New Year

Bonnie Grill Author

Middle Class and the Low...

Eric White Author

The Test

Monica Victorian Author


Don Shumaker Author

Frances Calderón De La Barca

Howard T. Fisher Author
Alan H. Fisher Editor

The Monster Within Me

Juanita McClain Author

The Mask

Aria Barker Author
Lyle Jakosalem Illustrator

An Incredible Odyssey

Mary L. Mathews Author

Babysitter 1

Annie Lee Author

Come Sit Next to Me

Robert O'Quinn Author

The Loose Ends of My Life

Vincent J. Guastella Author

The Absence Was Ecstasy

Vincent Marco Author


Chuck Woolaver Author

A Prince of Pentecost

Dr. Charles Mullings Author

Letters to Mother

Monte Engelson Author

A Walk with God

Stanley Jacob Rexroth Author

And Out of the West

Hugh Spence Hardy Author


James B. Stafford III Author

The Hammer

Harold D. Edmunds Author

From Fields to Courts

Judge James V. Pierce Author

Clinically Dead

G. Ofori Anor Author

A Lifetime of Coincidence

Jack Tep Author

Gardner Mckay

Beverly Hoffman Erickson Author

Drumore Quakers: Precious...

D. Douglas Miller Author
Kris Miller Other


Ashley Welsh Author

Baphomet Book

Prettyhorses Author

I Teach

Bob Bruesch Author

Why Did You Come If You Leave...

Conradin Perner Author

From the Pits of Hell

Billy Lucious Leineke Jr Author

Stop Hitting Me with That Bat!

Blackjack Evans Author

Da Hell Mit Da Kotchke

Milton Schwartz Author

Edgar Holden, M.D. of Newark,...

Sandra W. Moss Author

Jesse's Bullet...

Jesus (Jesse) L. Dominguez Author

Up, Up, and Gone!

James Farrell Author