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Leah Remini Author
Leah Remini Narrator

Thomas Jefferson and the...

Brian Kilmeade Author
Don Yaeger Author


Ron Chernow Author
Scott Brick Narrator


Reza Aslan Author
Reza Aslan Narrator

Valiant Ambition

Nathaniel Philbrick Author
Scott Brick Narrator


Stacy Schiff Author
Robin Miles Narrator

Letter to My Daughter

Maya Angelou Author
Maya Angelou Narrator

If You Ask Me

Betty White Author
Betty White Narrator

The Romanovs

Simon Sebag Montefiore Author
Simon Russell Beale Narrator

The Pigeon Tunnel

John le Carré Author
John le Carré Narrator

What She Ate

Laura Shapiro Author
Kimberly Farr Narrator

Where Am I Now?

Mara Wilson Author
Mara Wilson Narrator

The Wizard and the Prophet

Charles C. Mann Author
Bronson Pinchot Narrator


Elizabeth Gilbert Author
Elizabeth Gilbert Narrator

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

Edmund Morris Author
Mark Deakins Narrator

The General vs. the President

H. W. Brands Author
Scott Brick Narrator

To Heaven and Back

Mary C. Neal Author
Rebecca Lowman Narrator

Word by Word

Kory Stamper Author
Kory Stamper Narrator

World Order

Henry Kissinger Author
Nicholas Hormann Narrator

The Surrender Experiment

Michael A. Singer Author
Michael A. Singer Narrator

Against Medical Advice

James Patterson Author
Hal Friedman Author

The Book of Joan

Melissa Rivers Author
Melissa Rivers Narrator

The Death of Santini

Pat Conroy Author
Dick Hill Narrator

Yes, Chef

Marcus Samuelsson Author
Marcus Samuelsson Narrator

The Notorious Benedict Arnold

Steve Sheinkin Author
Mark Bramhall Narrator

Things I Overheard While...

Alan Alda Author
Alan Alda Narrator

Then Again

Diane Keaton Author
Diane Keaton Narrator

Theodore Rex

Theodore Roosevelt (Series)

Book 2

Edmund Morris Author
Jonathan Marosz Narrator

The Fleet at Flood Tide

James D. Hornfischer Author
Pete Larkin Narrator

The Underground Girls of Kabul

Jenny Nordberg Author
Kirsten Potter Narrator

The Borgias

G. J. Meyer Author
Enn Reitel Narrator

There Was a Little Girl

Brooke Shields Author
Brooke Shields Narrator

So That Happened

Jon Cryer Author
Jon Cryer Narrator

The Third Plate

Dan Barber Author
Dan Barber Narrator

Three Cups of Tea

Greg Mortenson Author
David Oliver Relin Author

Switched On

John Elder Robison Author
Alvaro Pascual-Leon Author of introduction, etc.

Walt Disney

Neal Gabler Author
Arthur Morey Narrator

The Loyal Son

Daniel Mark Epstein Author
Scott Brick Narrator

26 Fairmount Avenue, Books 1-4

26 Fairmount Avenue (Series)

Tomie dePaola Author
Tomie dePaola Narrator

The Unsettlers

Mark Sundeen Author
Mark Sundeen Narrator

The Snowden Files

Luke Harding Author
Nicholas Guy Smith Narrator


Dick Lehr Author
Gerard O'Neill Author


Cory Booker Author
Cory Booker Narrator

The Clancys of Queens

Tara Clancy Author
Tara Clancy Narrator

Wild Tales

Graham Nash Author
Graham Nash Narrator

Unfaithful Music &...

Elvis Costello Author
Elvis Costello Narrator

The Color of Water

James McBride Author
J. D. Jackson Narrator

The Woman Who Would Be King

Kara Cooney Author
Kara Cooney Narrator