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Ron Chernow Author
Scott Brick Narrator

Dreams from My Father

Barack Obama Author
Barack Obama Narrator


Stacy Schiff Author
Robin Miles Narrator


Reza Aslan Author
Reza Aslan Narrator

Not That Kind of Girl

Lena Dunham Author
Lena Dunham Narrator

If You Ask Me

Betty White Author
Betty White Narrator

Empty Mansions

Bill Dedman Author
Paul Clark Newell Author

Churchill and Orwell

Thomas E. Ricks Author
James Lurie Narrator

The Pigeon Tunnel

John le Carré Author
John le Carré Narrator

Based on a True Story

Norm MacDonald Author
Norm MacDonald Narrator

Fresh Off the Boat

Eddie Huang Author
Eddie Huang Narrator

Conscience of a Conservative

Jeff Flake Author
Milton Jeffers Narrator


Elizabeth Gilbert Author
Elizabeth Gilbert Narrator

My Brief History

Stephen Hawking Author
Matthew Brenher Narrator

Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty

Diane Keaton Author
Diane Keaton Narrator

World Order

Henry Kissinger Author
Nicholas Hormann Narrator

Against Medical Advice

James Patterson Author
Hal Friedman Author

A Man for All Markets

Edward O. Thorp Author
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Author of introduction, etc.


Ron Chernow Author
Edward Herrmann Narrator

Paris in Love

Eloisa James Author
Eloisa James Narrator

Yes, Chef

Marcus Samuelsson Author
Marcus Samuelsson Narrator

Things I Overheard While...

Alan Alda Author
Alan Alda Narrator

Promises to Keep

Joe Biden Author
Mark Deakins Narrator

Strength in What Remains

Tracy Kidder Author
Tracy Kidder Narrator

Into the Fire

Dakota Meyer Author
Bing West Author

Good Night Stories for Rebel...

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (Series)

Francesca Cavallo Author
Elena Favilli Author

Theodore Rex

Theodore Roosevelt (Series)

Book 2

Edmund Morris Author
Jonathan Marosz Narrator

Colonel Roosevelt

Edmund Morris Author
Mark Deakins Narrator

Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It

Various Author
Elizabeth Gilbert Author of introduction, etc.

The Borgias

G. J. Meyer Author
Enn Reitel Narrator

There Was a Little Girl

Brooke Shields Author
Brooke Shields Narrator

Eighty Days

Matthew Goodman Author
Kathe Mazur Narrator

So That Happened

Jon Cryer Author
Jon Cryer Narrator

The Third Plate

Dan Barber Author
Dan Barber Narrator

Sous Chef

Michael Gibney Author
Fred Berman Narrator

About Alice

Calvin Trillin Author
Calvin Trillin Narrator

The End of Normal

Stephanie Madoff Mack Author
Stephanie Madoff Mack Narrator

Here's the Deal

Howie Mandel Author
Howie Mandel Narrator

The Snowden Files

Luke Harding Author
Nicholas Guy Smith Narrator

Who Was: Six Scientists and...

Who Was? (Series)

Various Author
Various Narrator

Born Round

Frank Bruni Author
Frank Bruni Narrator

The Color of Water

James McBride Author
J. D. Jackson Narrator

Never Have Your Dog Stuffed

Alan Alda Author
Marc Cashman Narrator

American Rose

Karen Abbott Author
Bernadette Dunne Narrator

Look at You Now

Liz Pryor Author
Liz Pryor Narrator

Worthy Fights

Leon Panetta Author
Jim Newton Author

Sister Queens

Julia Fox Author
Rosalyn Landor Narrator

Who Was, Sports Biographies

Who Was? (Series)

Dina Anastasio Author
James Buckley Author