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Theft by Finding

David Sedaris Author
David Sedaris Narrator

All-American Murder

James Patterson Author
Alex Abramovich Author

Murder beyond the Grave

Murder Is Forever (Series)

James Patterson Author
Christopher Ryan Grant Narrator

James Patterson's Murder Is...

Murder Is Forever (Series)

James Patterson Author
Jay Snyder Narrator

James Patterson's Murder Is...

Murder Is Forever (Series)

James Patterson Author
Peter Ganim Narrator

Al Franken, Giant of the Senate

Al Franken Author
Al Franken Narrator

Sisters First

Jenna Bush Hager Author
Jenna Bush Hager Narrator

You Don't Have to Say You...

Sherman Alexie Author
Sherman Alexie Narrator

Twelve Years a Slave

Solomon Northup Author
Dr. Sue Eakin Contributor

Wallis in Love

Andrew Morton Author
Molly Parker Myers Narrator

The Only Girl in the World

Maude Julien Author
Ursula Gauthier Contributor

The Secrets of My Life

Caitlyn Jenner Author
Buzz Bissinger Contributor


David Thibodeau Author
David Thibodeau Narrator

The Most Beautiful

Mayte Garcia Author
Mayte Garcia Narrator


Condoleezza Rice Author
Condoleezza Rice Narrator

Into the Magic Shop

James R. Doty, MD Author
Dan Woren Narrator


Aly Raisman Author
Blythe Lawrence Contributor

The Lonely City

Olivia Laing Author
Susan Lyons Narrator


Frederick Crews Author
William Hughes Narrator

But Seriously

John McEnroe Author
John McEnroe Narrator

The Last Man Who Knew Everything

David N. Schwartz Author
Tristan Morris Narrator

Little Leaders

Vashti Harrison Author
Robin Miles Narrator

A Speck in the Sea

John Aldridge Author
Anthony Sosinski Author

This Close to Happy

Daphne Merkin Author
Suzanne Toren Narrator

The Most Dangerous Man in...

Bill Minutaglio Author
Steven L. Davis Author


Britt Collins Author
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson Author of introduction, etc.

Memory's Last Breath

Gerda Saunders Author
Gerda Saunders Narrator

Black Elk

Joe Jackson Author
Traber Burns Narrator

The Big Fix

Tracey Helton Mitchell Author
Tracey Helton Mitchell Narrator

A Torch Kept Lit

William F. Buckley Author
Tony Pasqualini Narrator

Lou Reed

Anthony DeCurtis Author
Peter Coleman Narrator

Three Little Words

Ashley Rhodes-Courter Author
Ashley Rhodes-Courter Narrator

Gorilla and the Bird

Zack McDermott Author
Zack McDermott Narrator

Becoming Myself

Irvin D. Yalom, MD Author
Peter Berkrot Narrator

Cartel Wives

Mia Flores Author
Olivia Flores Author

Death Need Not Be Fatal

Malachy McCourt Author
Malachy McCourt Narrator

Playing Hurt

John Saunders Author
John U. Bacon Author

Becoming Hitler

Thomas Weber Author
Alex Hyde-White Narrator

The 1997 Masters

Tiger Woods Author
Tiger Woods Author of introduction, etc.

Locally Laid

Lucie B. Amundsen Author
Kate Reading Narrator

The Mistress of Paris

Catherine Hewitt Author
Sarah Nichols Narrator

Granite Mountain

Brendan McDonough Author
Stephan Talty Contributor

Pablo Escobar

Juan Pablo Escobar Author
Andrea Rosenberg Translator

If the Oceans Were Ink

Carla Power Author
Kate Reading Narrator

The Devil Finds Work

James Baldwin Author
Dion Graham Narrator

Lessons from the Prairie

Melissa Francis Author
Melissa Francis Narrator

Beer Money

Frances Stroh Author
Erin Bennett Narrator

Montaigne in Barn Boots

Michael Perry Author
Michael Perry Narrator