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The Electric Woman

Tessa Fontaine Author
Tessa Fontaine Narrator

My Country, My Life

Ehud Barak Author
Ehud Barak Narrator

Mothers of Sparta

Dawn Davies Author
Dawn Davies Narrator

Still Here

Alexandra Jacobs Author

The Pretender

Marc Ruskin Author
Francis J. Spieler Narrator

Don't Unplug

Chris Dancy Author
Chris Dancy Narrator

A Perfect Union

Catherine Allgor Author
Anne Twomey Narrator

Claiming My Place

Planaria Price Author
Helen Reichmann West Author

Nobody Does it Better

Edward Gross Author
Mark A. Altman Author

Falling with Wings

Dianna De La Garza Author
Vickie McIntyre Author

Life isn't everything.

Ash Carter Author
Sam Kashner Author

Savage Messiah

Jim Proser Author

Carrie Fisher

Sheila Weller Author
Saskia Maarleveld Narrator

The Long Accomplishment

Rick Moody Author
Rick Moody Narrator

The Bells of Old Tokyo

Anna Sherman Author
Holly Palance Narrator

Normal Sucks

Jonathan Mooney Author
Jonathan Mooney Narrator


Michael Eric Dyson Author
Michael Eric Dyson Narrator

Jet Girl

Caroline Johnson Author

William & Harry

Danny Danziger Author
Danny Danziger Narrator


Deborah Heiligman Author

The Scarlett Letters

Jenny Nordbak Author
Jenny Nordbak Narrator


Willie Mays Author
John Shea Author

Father of Lions

Louise Callaghan Author

Hunting the Truth

Beate Klarsfeld Author
Serge Klarsfeld Author


Lamont "U-God" Hawkins Author
Lamont "U-God" Hawkins Narrator

Roughhouse Friday

Jaed Coffin Author
Jaed Coffin Narrator

I'm Writing You from Tehran

Delphine Minoui Author
Emma Ramadan Translator

Desk 88

Sherrod Brown Author

The King's Assassin

Benjamin Woolley Author
David Timson Narrator

South Toward Home

Julia Reed Author
Jon Meecham Author of introduction, etc.

Vibrate Higher

Talib Kweli Author

Handsome Johnny

Lee Server Author
B. J. Harrison Narrator

Warrior's Creed

Roger Sparks Author
Don Rearden Author

The First Conspiracy (Young...

Brad Meltzer Author
Josh Mensch Author

Somewhere in the Unknown World

Kao Kalia Yang Author

Full Battle Rattle

Changiz Lahidji Author
Ralph Pezzullo Author

Permanent Record

Edward Snowden Author
Holter Graham Narrator


Elton John Author
Elton John Narrator

Tonight I'm Someone Else

Chelsea Hodson Author
Chelsea Hodson Narrator

A Politically Incorrect Feminist

Phyllis Chesler Author
Phyllis Chesler Narrator

Man of the Year

Lou Cove Author
Fred Berman Narrator

Bounty Hunter 4/3

Jason Delgado Author
Chris Martin Author

Step Out on Nothing

Byron Pitts Author
Byron Pitts Narrator

Riding High

Ruth Zukerman Author
Ruth Zukerman Narrator

The Warrior Code

Tee Marie Hanible Author
Denene Millner Author

How to Turn Down a Billion...

Billy Gallagher Author
Billy Gallagher Narrator

The Mighty Franks

Michael Frank Author
Michael Frank Narrator


Joe Jonas Author
Kevin Jonas Author