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Under Fire

April Ryan Author
Tamron Hall Author of introduction, etc.

A World Erased

Noah Lederman Author


Anne Edwards Author

Shanghai Faithful

Jennifer Lin Author

Hesitation Kills

Jane Blair Author

Marie Antoinette's Darkest Days

Will Bashor Author

Jason Molina

Erin Osmon Author

Jackie Robinson

Library of African American Biography (Series)

J. Christopher Schutz Author

The Mystery of John Colter

Ronald M. Anglin Author
Larry E. Morris Author

Terry Bradshaw

Sports Icons and Issues in Popular Culture (Series)

Brett L. Abrams Author

The Band

Band (Series)

Craig Harris Author

Meet Me in Venice

Suzanne Ma Author

The Boxing Kings

Paul Beston Author

Paul Simon

Tempo: a Rowman & Littlefield Music on Rock, Pop, and Culture (Series)

Cornel Bonca Author

John Green

Studies in Young Adult Literature (Series)

Kathleen Deakin Author
Laura A. Brown Author

Paul Robeson

Lindsey R. Swindall Author


Admiral Byrd Classics (Series)

Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. Author

Colin Powell

Christopher D. O'Sullivan Author

Elgin Baylor

Bijan C. Bayne Author
Bob Ryan Author of introduction, etc.

Hunter S. Thompson

Kevin T. Mceneaney Author

The Life and Career of David...

Tracey Savell Reavis Author


Nakazawa Keiji Author
Richard H. Minear Translator

Max Baer and Barney Ross

Jeffrey Sussman Author

Debussy's Paris

Catherine Kautsky Author


David Gething Author

Profiles in Christian Courage

Kerry Walters Author

Noel, Tallulah, Cole, and Me

John C. Wilson Author
Thomas S. Hischak Author

Experiencing Led Zeppelin

Listener's Companion (Series)

Gregg Akkerman Author

The Musical Theater of...

Paul R. Laird Author

A Thousand Miles of Dreams

Asian Voices (Series)

Sasha Su-Ling Welland Author

W. E. B. Du Bois

Library of African American Biography (Series)

Shawn Leigh Alexander Author

Wounds to Bind

Jerry Burgan Author
Alan Rifkin Author

Lee J. Cobb

Donald Dewey Author

In Search of a Prophet

Paul-Gordon Chandler Author

Jubal Early

Benjamin Franklin Cooling III Author

Legendary Sports Writers of...

Lee Congdon Author

Dr. Joyce Brothers

Kathleen Collins Author

Archaeology, Sexism, and Scandal

Alan Kaiser Author

The Selected Letters of...

H. W. Brands Author


Johnny O'Brien Author

Exploring with Byrd

Admiral Byrd Classics (Series)

Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. Author


Admiral Byrd Classics (Series)

Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. Author

Intimate Warfare

Dennis Taylor Author
John J. Raspanti Author

Max Steiner

Peter Wegele Author

A Forgotten Sisterhood

Audrey Thomas McCluskey Author

Voices Carry

Ying Ruocheng Author
Claire Conceison Author

Trials and Triumphs of Golf's...

Lyle Slovick Author
Bill Fields Author of introduction, etc.

Rhythm Is My Beat

Studies in Jazz (Series)

Alfred Green Author