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柏松 Author

Go Go G-Boys

Jong-Jong Yu Director
Tea Actor

Men and Woman

Liu Bingjian Director
Yo Bo Actor

影视制作(Video Production)

常江 Author
王晓培 Author

我的视频我做主:Premiere Pro CS5实战精粹

姜岩 Author
赵小虎 Author

影视导演基础(Foundation for Film...

王心语(Wang Xinyu) Author

Premiere Pro...

新视角文化行 编著 Author

单机拍摄与制作(Single-Camera Video...

(美)罗伯特B·穆斯伯格 Author
徐培喜 Translator

中文Premiere Pro...

高敏(Gao Min) Author
李少勇(Li Shaoyong) Author

南方传媒绿皮书·年度音视频经典案例选粹 (Southern...

谢毅(Xie Yi) Editor
王玉玮(Wang Yuwei) Editor


孙剑秋 Author
谢英彪 Author

跆拳道之道 (Taekwondo: A Practical...

Bill Pottle Author
Fiberead Editor

对话:中国网络电视(Dialogue with...

赵子忠(Zhao Zizhong) Author
赵敬(Zhao Jing) Author

The Ultimate Guide to Talking...

Learn Cantonese (Series)

Innovative Language Learning, LLC Copyright holder
CantoneseClass101.com Narrator

The Ultimate Guide to Talking...

Learn Chinese (Series)

Innovative Language Learning, LLC Copyright holder
ChineseClass101.com Narrator

中国微电影2016(China's Micro Films...

金德龙 Author
杨才旺 Author

实用摄影教程( A Practical...

韩程伟 Author
林中柱 Author

想念的滋味 (Missing)

品格教育繪本 (Series)

郭玫君 Author
潘奕彰 Artist

丫溪,嫁给他吧 (Marry him! Yaxi!)

马诗歌 Author
丫溪 Author


Doze Niu Chen-Zer Director

暗号 (Secret Signs)

TJ Waters Author
Fiberead Editor

The Guillotines

Andrew Lau Director
Peter Chan Producer

Love in the Buff

Ho-cheung Pang Director
Yee-sum Luk Author

The Princess of Nebraska

Wayne Wang Director
Ling Li Actor

Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal

Peter Pau Director
Zhao Tianyu Director

If You Are the One II

Xiaogang Feng Director
Shuo Wang Author

Fulltime Killer

Wai Ka Fai Director
Johnnie To Director

Shock Wave

Herman Yau Director
Andy Lau Actor

Peace Breaker

Aaron Kwok Actor
Qianyuan Wang Actor


Raymond Yip Director
Donnie Yen Actor

White Haired Witch

Jianxin Huang Director
Zhang Zhiliang Director

The Last Supper

Chuan Lu Director
Guoqin Gu Producer

The Warring States

Chen Jin Director
Lu Zheng Producer

Tuya's Marriage

Quan'an Wang Director
Nan Yu Actor


Xiaogang Feng Director
Tanhong Guo Producer

Shun Li and the Poet

Andrea Segre Director
Tao Zhao Actor

Police Story 2

Jackie Chan Director
Edward Tang Writer of accompanying material

The Piano in a Factory

Zhang Meng Director
Wang Qian-Yuan Actor

Police Story: Lockdown

Yang Du Director
Ding Shen Director


Mong-Hong Chung Director