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Young Children, Videos and...

Jack Sanger Author
Jane Wilson Author

Common Core Math For Parents...

Christopher Danielson Author

99 Tips for Creating Simple...

Michelle Pacansky-Brock Contributor

Peer Pedagogies on Digital...

Learning in Large-Scale Environments (Series)

Michael Dezuanni Author

Small Changes in Teaching Big...

John F. Fanselow Author

McGraw-Hill Education LSAT...

Russ Falconer Author
Drew D. Johnson Author

The Multimedia Writing Toolkit

Sean Ruday Author

Awesome Sauce

Josh Stock Author

Student-Led Discussions

ASCD Arias (Series)

Sandi Novak Author

A History of Video Games in...

World Video Game Hall of Fame Author

A History of Video Games in...

World Video Game Hall of Fame Author
Ray Chase Narrator

TV Shows That Teach

Videos That Teach (Series)

Eddie James Author
Tommy Woodard Author

Video in classe

Simone Mazza Author

YouTube, the Home of Vlogging

Business Stories (Series)

50MINUTES Author

Digital Video for Teacher...

Brendan Calandra Editor
Peter J. Rich Editor

Video Enhanced Reflective...

Jo Birbeck Contributor
Emma Cartwright Contributor

Video Modelling and Behaviour...

Mickey Keenan Author
Sandy Hobbs Author of introduction, etc.

Get Fit With Video Workouts

Dance and Fitness Trends (Series)

Sue Potts Author

Video Research in the...

Ricki Goldman Editor
Roy Pea Editor

Video in the Age of Digital...

Jonas Köster Author

Video in Teacher Learning

Laura Baecher Author

J'arrête quand je veux !

Nicolas Ancion Author
Editions Jourdan Author

The Foundation For Creating...

Austin Onwudachi Author

Creating Video Products for...

John Hawkins Author
John Hawkins Narrator

Video Research in...

Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation (Series)

Evan Ortlieb Editor
Lynn E. Shanahan Editor

Teaching with Digital Video

Glen L. Bull Author
Lynn Bell Author

Participatory Video in Adult...

SpringerBriefs in Education (Series)

Kyung-hwa Yang Author

Video Pedagogy in Action

Mary B. McVee Author
Lynn E. Shanahan Author

Music Video FX

Social Studies (Series)

Doug Sylvester Author

Make Video Book Money

Robert Stetson Author

Library Use of Video & Audio

Primary Research Group Staff Author

Video-based Research in...

Lihua Xu Editor
George Aranda Editor

Video Analysis of Authentic...

Carrie Eunyoung Hong Editor
Irene Van Riper Editor

How to Write Audio and Video...

Training Course For ELT Writers (Series)

John Hughes Author

Focus on Teaching

Jim Knight Author

Cases of Mathematics...

Mathematics Teacher Education (Series)

Swee Fong Ng Editor

Exploring Critical Digital...

Expanding Literacies in Education (Series)

Jessica Zacher Pandya Author

Schizoanalytic Ventures at...

Palgrave Studies in Educational Futures (Series)

Jan Jagodzinski Author

Families at Play

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital Media and Learning (Series)

Sinem Siyahhan Author
Elisabeth Gee Author

Stealth Assessment

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning (Series)

Valerie Shute Author
Matthew Ventura Author

The Survey of College Use of...

Primary Research Group Staff Author

Easy English Conversations...

Yasmin Esack Author

Using Video to Assess...

Carrie Eunyoung Hong Author
Irene Van Riper Author

Vídeo/Software em Powerpoint&...

Adalberto Gomes De Miranda Author
adailza Aparício De Miranda Author

Learn English 2 With Audio...

Learn English (Series)

Yasmin Esack Author

Kaplan ACT Premier 2016 with...

Kaplan Test Prep (Series)

Kaplan Author

Gaming the Past

Jeremiah McCall Author

Video in classe con app e cloud

Simone Mazza Author